How to advertise your business on Instagram.

Regularly uploading content to your story when building your brand on Instagram can be a perfect solution to any plateaus you may have experienced. Stories are a fun and straightforward strategy which can boost your engagement and provide useful insights that will help your business blossom. If you are a new Instagram user or just looking to branch out and try new marketing strategies, these tips will help you learn how best to fully utilise Instagram stories.

Step by step guide on how to upload

In the top left corner of your home page, there will be a circle with your logo inside, when clicking on this it will take you to your camera, where you can either take a photo or upload a photo from your camera roll, located at the bottom right corner.

If you would like to take a video instead, simply press the white circle button to start recording. Or, if you’re wanting to film a boomerang, this feature can be found on the left hand side, next to ‘Create’ and ‘Layout’.

Once you have taken or uploaded your photo you can add text, draw and even add stickers, GIFs and many other exciting features. To add text press the ‘Aa’ icon in the top right corner where you can select a colour option from the colour wheel. To draw using different styles press the ‘Aa’ icon, or add stickers and GIFS which are located next to the draw feature, that looks like a notepad.

Useful features of a story

One really useful feature that efficiently engages with your audience, as well as a useful insight into what your customers may want to know, is using the Question and Answer sticker. This is located at the top right corner in the sticker tray. Take a photo and place the sticker onto your photo and then add your question to the box. 

Many brands and influencers find that this feature is highly efficient as the instant feedback you gain from your audience will help build an invaluable rapport. As well as helping you grow and improve your brand, tailored by your customer’s direct requests and needs.

Tips for creating a story 

Perhaps the most important tip when creating a story for your business on Instagram is to be authentic with the content you post. If your content is genuine and your brand portrays an honest narrative through consistent stories, then you will most definitely create a strong relationship between you and your customers. Most audiences value transparency and respect, which can be attained by truthfully answering Q&A’s or just being yourself on your stories. 

Consistency is key. Consistently uploading stories throughout the day will show your audience that you are driven and devoted to giving your customers an amazing experience. Also, by keeping a congruent theme of colours and features, you will further optimise your brand awareness.

We hope these tips and tricks help your business to flourish on this popular business platform. Or, if you are looking to grow your business profile and promote on Instagram after hearing about the great opportunities it can offer, we hope these tips help.

Overall, if you stay authentic and true to your brand’s values and morals, Instagram will merely be the skeleton of your business and your customers will do the rest of the work for you.

We would love to hear if you have recently moved your business onto Instagram and if it has been successful. If you have, what strategies have you found the most helpful on Instagram when engaging with your audience?

By Ella Berry, Shoo Academy