Brook Taverner

Brook Taverner


Founded in 1912, Brook Taverner is Europe’s most successful manufacturer and supplier of corporate clothing and uniforms. Brook Taverner’s management team turned to Shoo to create a social media marketing campaign that would blend its over one hundred year heritage with innovation and progress. Our aim was to work closely with Brook Taverner, to create a social media strategy that delivered consistent content on social media platforms, maximised web traffic and brought in leads for new business.


We began by sitting down with the client, to determine their overall marketing strategy and target audience for the campaign, in order to increase web traffic and business leads. We then identified the most effective tools and platforms to achieve the maximum return on the client’s marketing investment. The business strategy we configured for the client included, actively engaging with new customers on the following social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. For example, we produced content such as five to seven Facebook posts each week on the clients business page and up to three tweets a day. We also replied to customers and answered their questions across all these social media platforms. Furthermore, we produced monthly blog posts into targeted groups, to maximise readership and engagement.


By working closely alongside Brook Taverner throughout the six-month campaign resulted in an excellent return on investment for the company. Taking time to understand the client’s brand values and target market paid off, as there was a significant increase in web traffic, business leads and most importantly company sales. Therefore, our tailored business strategy and personal approach gained Brook Taverner an amazing 409.83% return on investment.

  • Client Name: Jason Scott
  • Position: Company Director
  • Company: Brook Taverner
  • Year: 2018 – 2019
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