York College

York College

  • Client Name: Sue Hirst
  • Position: Employer Engagement Quality Assurance manager
  • Company: York College
  • Year: 2016 – 2019
  • Website: https://www.yorkcollege.ac.uk/

Three years ago Claire Grayson one of our Business Development Advisors met Chris Morris at a networking event and conversation quickly led her to realise York College had a gap in their commercial provision for employers around training on social media. As an experienced teacher and also having great knowledge and experience in the social media sector, it was felt Chris would be an ideal associate tutor for the Business Development Unit at York College.

Over the previous three years Chris has trained hundreds of employers and employees from local businesses around York to set up their own social media and
further develop existing social media to support the increase of their business income and profits. Feedback from attendees has consistently been positive and they have been able to put into practice all they have learned.

Examples of student satisfaction for Social Media courses:

“Chris was a great tutor and I have lots of new ideas to try.”

“Fantastic course. Tutor made sure that everyone benefitted. Would recommend.”

“Session was interesting and hugely beneficial for my job”


Rachel Hatfield of Shoo also has a wealth of knowledge and is passionate about sharing this with employers and employees through delivering some of the courses
for York College.

Chris and Rachel continue to lead the way in the use of Social Media for employers and how they can grow their business, showing great passion and enthusiasm for their industry. They consistently deliver to a high standard, as expected of an Outstanding College inspected by Ofsted, and are always reliable and trustworthy.

Sue Hirst

Employer Engagement Quality Assurance manager, York College

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