How to be more efficient – workplace and working from home

Sometimes today’s society it may feel like it is more difficult than ever to stay efficient. Given the current pandemic, people are having to work from home feeling uninspired and unmotivated. We all have our own lives and own problems, and being efficient in the workplace or at home, is at the bottom of our list of priorities – as long as the job gets done. However, by doing this you could be making life a whole lot harder for yourself. There are many simple ways where you can implement more efficient working into your everyday working routine for yourself and others. Here are five ways of improving efficiency, specifically when working from home…

1)    Organised breaks

A motivated work force equals more efficiency. Employees who have regular breaks are more likely to be more focussed and energised when it comes to completing their work. By having organised breaks, it gives employees a chance to relax and regroup, before coming back and completing their work. They can then come back and look at their tasks with a clear mind. Something that may have been difficult beforehand is now easier to complete after a simple break.

2)    Incentives

Those who work hard must get rewarded. Incentives ensure that employees know how much their hard work is appreciated, and it doesn’t go unnoticed by their employers. Whether it be an extra day off, a gift voucher or a raise, it’s the little things that can show how much employers care for their staff. These incentives encourage the workforce to continually work hard and achieve their goals, boosting efficiency.

3)    Frequent training and Feedback

It is important to have good lines of communication when working as a team in the business. Performing frequent training allows employees to know exactly what is expected of them in their role and ensure the best experience for the employees themselves and customers. Feedback sessions also inform employees on how they can improve their current performance, allowing them to become more self-aware in their role in the business. In turn, this makes the business more efficient.

4)    Reduce meetings

Although meetings are essential when working as a team, they can still be boring. The gathering of large groups can impact on the efficiency of your team as it leaves important tasks waiting to be completed. Don’t have meetings for small, unnecessary discussions for topics that could have been so easily discussed through emails. Instead, limit the number of meetings you have per month, and use technological resources in order to communicate with your team.

5)    Use technology

As mentioned above, technology can help to boost the efficiency of both your individual employees and working together as a team. Tools such as Facebook Workplace are key in helping businesses to organise and prioritise their daily tasks, as well as keeping good communication about goals and targets with fellow employees. Technology in the workplace can help to complete tasks that would have otherwise been a chore, allowing employees to focus on the more important tasks at hand, therefore improving efficiency. This is now the way most businesses are currently running in the UK, so even if they can’t physically be at their headquarters, employees can still complete the work they need to do. 

By following these five easy steps, you should see a difference in the efficiency of your employees individually and as a collective. Although these are challenging times for small businesses, these tips will allow your business to grow, creating more revenue and clients. For more information, contact Shoo Social Media.