Working from home by Mollie #TeamShoo

Like most of the country, Shoo closed the office on Monday 23rd March and suddenly we were all thrown into the world of working from home. Now I’m into week three of #WFH here is why I’ve found working for a digital company the absolute best. 

My first ‘official’ day working from home was Tuesday 24th March which was also the day that the UK was put into full lockdown. Working from my laptop was fine, we base all our work from Google Drive so it was quick to set up work on that first morning which has made the following two weeks less stressful than I thought they were going to be. The only problem I did come across was the 3 other people in my house, two of which were not working from home and couldn’t understand that when I said, I was working, I was working and I wasn’t just sitting in bed bingeing the latest Netflix original series. 

As a team, we have found new ways to communicate with each other, instead of talking to each other across the office we now use Google Hangout, Gmail’s own version of messenger, which has cut down on so many emails. We have been scheduling regular Google Hangout meetings between the team, same time, same place, every week to keep some routine. This gives us time to talk about client work, and make sure we are all on the same page and are working at the same pace which has really helped so we don’t ‘tangle the wires’. 

I am now into week 4 of working from home so I have racked my brain for some #WFM tips and some little things that I have done to help me whilst working from home. 

  1. Bookmark your key websites/page/files onto your search bar. This makes things 100 times easier when you open your laptop/computer in the morning especially if you’re working from a personal computer or laptop. I have bookmarked our main scheduling app, key folders in Google Drive and the Events logistics sheets. 
  2. Get dressed, don’t wear PJ’s especially if you’re working from a bedroom (you’ll just slowly float back over to your bed magically and end up calling it a day) Getting back into bed in a pair of jeans is not that comfortable, trust me, I’ve tried it. Get dressed! 
  3. Have some background noise, so why would cut it out? I normally put on some music or some podcasts. Even the TV is great to have on quietly. It doesn’t seem to fill in the gap of Blue the office dog wandering around but it does help with the eerie silence. 
  4. You are not going to work your normal 9 – 5 even if you try your hardest. I have found myself going on a walk after lunch and then working late afternoon till early evening. In the current climate every ounce of normality has gone out the window, so don’t push yourself to work a 9-5 like you would in the office.

I hope working from home is going well for you if you are #WFH, join in the conversation with us over on Twitter, @shoosocial @Mollie_FP #WFH 

My working from home pose!