Why you should move your business to Instagram.

It is no doubt that Instagram has created a revolutionary platform for businesses. Not only has this app enabled businesses to gain an increasing amount of sales due to the 26.9 million Instagram users alone, but the innumerable features offer business users a contemporary and advanced dynamic. However, if Facebook has over 2.7 billion users in 2020, what makes Instagram the most preferred platform when looking to generate more business?

Growing a business on Instagram has the amazing benefit of being able to build a high quality brand. By moving your business onto Instagram, you can build your following and support from your customers organically, in comparison to forcing it through paid advertisements which often happens on other social media platforms. With over 80% of Instagram users actively following brands they love, and over 200 million Instagram users visiting at least one business profile a day, building your own business on Instagram should be relatively easy. The beauty of this phenomenal platform means that as long as your content is kept to a high quality and visually pleasing, your audience will actually help boost your popularity and attractiveness themselves by sharing and engaging with the content you upload.

Instagram’s engagement is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest and 84 times higher than Twitter. This is most definitely not by chance, but because Instagram is notable due to its striking visual appeal. Instagram has manifested a photo-centric culture, meaning if your content is appealing to the eye with bright colours and high quality photos or videos, people are more likely to click on your profile and remember your brand, as opposed to just hearing or reading about it elsewhere. Promoting high-quality content is the most important aspect of building a brand on Instagram, but photos and videos are not the only way you can interact with your audience. Instagram has many features including: Stories, Reels, IGTV and Polls, where you can interact organically with customers at no extra cost. When it comes to Instagram’s marketing strategies, they simply cannot be argued with.

One of Instagram’s most used features is an ‘Instagram story’. Uploading content to your Instagram story from a business perspective is proven to be extremely useful when engaging with your customers and gaining insights. An Instagram story is a post that lasts only 24 hours, and once the 24 hours is up the story disappears. This fun and creative feature are used by almost 1.7 billion accounts daily. Businesses can link products or a website through a story, where 15% to 25% of users actually swipe up to view the brand linked. If you thought Instagram had it all, well wait, there’s more. 

When uploading a story you have the option to add even more engagement boosting features. These range from polls, boomerangs, filters, Q&A’s, quiz stickers, and GoLive.

Polls and Q&A stickers are a great tool for businesses on Instagram, as a brand can gather feedback from their customers by asking questions, gaining instant responses. As well as this, GoLive is an extremely popular feature used by around 500 Million daily users. The feature allows you to fashion a more personal touch to your brand, as it encourages questions and comments. This unique idea helps break down the barriers between you and your audience by encouraging real conversations, therefore your business will be branded as genuine, a rare quality for a business to have in this fast moving industry. 

Overall, it cannot be argued that Instagram has a detailed and intricate system when it comes to building your business on Instagram. Their exceptional marketing strategies mean you are able to add a personal touch to your brand like no other platform can. 

What are your thoughts on Instagram as a successful business building platform?

By Ella Berry, Shoo Academy