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Social media is one of the most important advertising tools that a business can use. More than 80% of internet users use Facebook, and this doesn’t taper off as audiences get older, as 65% of internet users over 65 have and use a Facebook account. 88% of people aged 18 – 29 are thought to use some sort of social media, with the top sites being Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

Why choose Facebook for your social media advertising?

Facebook is a trusted source

Most internet users will head to Facebook to find out more about a company before they look for the actual website. Being able to see how popular the brand is, find reviews and see which contacts of theirs are interested in it helps to legitimise the business in the mind of the consumer.

Ability to reach a specific target audience

With Facebook, you are able to target your audience by more than age, interests and behaviour. You are able to create a smaller targeted group with factors including location, favourite music, shops that they love and what they are buying there. This helps companies to aim content at specific groups who are most likely to be interested in their product.

Better tracking of advertising success

Facebook allows you to record the reach of your advertising, as well as clicks, ‘likes’ and conversations about your brand (who is talking about you online and what they are saying). All you need to do is choose which tools you need to track the information that you want to gather. For example, a custom audience pixel tracks visits and page views, whilst a conversion pixel reports on sign-ups and sales.

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Facebook-specific marketing tools include:

Boosted posts

Over the past few years, Facebook has decreased the reach that pages have to their fans and friends. This means that to have more people see your posts you need to boost or promote them. If you have content that you want to boost so that more people see it you can click the ‘boost post’ button, choose your audience (either your own fans or a target audience of your choice) and a budget. Your post will then appear in their newsfeeds. Boosted posts allow you to use analytic tools to see how well your content is performing but does not have the same specificity as other promotional tools.


Campaigns and the Facebook Pixel

Retargeting campaigns focus on customers that clicked through to your website from an ad, but didn’t buy anything. It is a highly effective marketing tool as it looks at people who have already expressed an interest in your product. Often, closing the lead is as simple as offering free shipping or a small discount.

Facebook makes these types of campaign easy using the ‘Facebook Pixel’. This analytics tool is a small section of code which tracks site visitors when they click through to your website, not only giving you information on who visited your site, but also what they did on the site when they were there. This allows you to retarget far more effectively, knowing at which point the customer decided not to go through with a purchase.

In 2017 the Facebook Pixel was updated and simplified, so you only require one pixel to help you to gain more information about your customers and create more bespoke targeted advertising.

How to advertise

Facebook advertising can be the perfect solution for targeted ads. 

Retargeting campaigns

is the most powerful online branding and conversion optimisation tool for online Advertising

Facebook Pixel

One of the tools you should definitely be using to help you get the very best from your campaign is Facebook Pixel.

Facebook Business Manager

a tool developed by Facebook designed to help businesses to manage their Facebook pages.



A lookalike audience targets a ‘cold’ audience (people who are not already engaged with your brand) from a list of ‘warm’ leads (those who are part of your mailing list, have ‘liked’ your page or have discussed you on the platform). You can upload your client list via email addresses and Facebook will find those on your list who have Facebook accounts and cross-reference them to find a base of attributes held by your existing customers. From there Facebook analytics can generate a brand new list of potential clients who have similar attributes to your current customer base.

You can make this even more effective by breaking down your existing list to include just the people who have the highest engagement with your brand online, so that the tool focuses on those with a more specific range of attributes.

It is almost impossible to advertise effectively without targeting social media today, and Facebook offers a cost-effective and thorough way to do so, even for those just getting to grips with advertising. A brief look through of Facebook’s advertising tools and analytics should teach you the best route for your requirements, without simply paying out for a boosted post, which doesn’t target specific audiences and generate leads nearly as well as the tools listed above.