Why us

Who we are?

How many times are you asked about sales? That reach and impression are just vanity statistics or they’re not bringing in any ‘sales’ leads? Every business needs a positive return on investment (ROI). That is why at Shoo our advertising campaigns are focused on the metrics rather than creating content and engagement.

We use real-time data to help solve challenges that are created by “spray and pray” campaigns. We use the data to help inform decisions that are in real-time.

We’re constantly analysing the data to help optimise your campaigns as we go this includes content, audience targeting and the format of your content. At Shoo we build audiences to match your buyer personas/demographics helping to build custom and lookalike audiences segments for media buying our strategies ensure that your advertising is seen by the people you would like it to reach.

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Why Shoo?

We were founded in 2014 and have watched various social media trends come and go. We have developed strategies that we now have in place that have helped a variety of businesses to achieve their business goals.

At Shoo we have a different approach to business where we understand that wellness and mindfulness are important for our teams. This is particularly important to our Founders Rachel Hatfield and Chris Morris. We understand that it is important to surround yourself by the right team and people and the community and charity is equally important to us. 

We have created opportunities for the local business community where there is a shared opportunity for like-minded people to get together and exchange business ideas and we have also created a platform called Fashion Fiesta as a charity event to help individuals develop their career aspirations. We won our award in 2017 for our innovation and contribution to the business social responsibility.

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Having retired from teaching at the grand  ‘old age’ 33 I decided to found Shoo with Rachel in 2014 whilst still teaching. Entrepreneurship has always been an interesting concept to me, the challenge, the glory, being in charge of my own destiny. My teaching experience has been invaluable to delivering high quality training to the needs of all those I am helping. Supporting and leading others has always come natural to me – from the football pitch, to teaching and now to the world of social media. I have helped the company grow substantially and manage a client base with core values that mirror my own. Throughout this growth period I have had opportunity to continue to coach, train and mentor as well as teach through a variety of ways, training, workshops, public speaking and 1:1 sessions, all of which thoroughly energize me.


Rachel has excellent project management skills and is an absolute pro at understanding clients and their needs. If you need to mind map your ideas with timelines, keep the plates spinning she is the project cruncher to keep your social media marketing campaigns on time. During her career she has worked in corporate events where communication is crucial and a need to run everything with military precision is essential for success. Her typical clients included: RBS, Citigroup, BNYMellon, Lloyds Banking Group formerly HBOS, JP Morgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, HSBC and Jefferies Group. When she isn’t in the office she is out in the Yorkshire countryside riding her horse.

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