Everything you need to know about Clubhouse

You might have seen the name Clubhouse pop up a lot recently, the invite-only social media app, so exclusive that invites have been selling on eBay! But what is it and why is it being raved over so much? 

Clubhouse is a platform that works in real-time with conversations, interviews and debates. Imagine if podcasts and radio had a child, and you have Clubhouse. Clubhouse was designed to allow people around the world to come together to listen, network and learn from each other. 

Currently less than a year old, Clubhouse already has 10 million users (8 million more than it did in January of this year) and is known for its invite-only exclusivity. Is it the exclusivity that is driving people to want an invite so badly? 

But it’s not just the business owners of LinkedIn that have been raving over Clubhouse, with famous users such as Oprah Winfrey, Drake, Kanye West, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon musk to name just a few.

According to the financial times, Clubhouse is already valued at $1 Billion which is impressive given that the networking platform currently has no way of making money. Which leads us to question what will be next for the platform? Paid Ads? Sponsored talks? 

Unfortunately, Clubhouse is iPhone exclusive and isn’t currently available on Android devices (though their website states they plan to change this soon).Unsurprisingly, it has already been banned in China, and like many other networking sites, it raises questions surrounding the privacy of the app such as where is the data going? Who can see the conversations? 

How long will it be till Clubhouse loses its exclusivity? Twitter is already creating its own version called spaces- who else will follow? Facebook? Instagram? Linkedin? 

My personal experience of the app so far has been great, I’ve really enjoyed listening to the conversations surrounding the marketing word and also graduate life, however, I must admit the live feature of clubhouse does often mean I find myself missing talks due to other commitments. 

If you’ve already nabbed yourself an invite you can find Shoo’s Co-founder Rachel @RosieHat.  


What’re your thoughts on Clubhouse? Have you joined the club? 


Written by Jenny Higgins, Shoo Academy