Use social media ad campaigns to kick the COVID-19 blues

Many retail business owners are currently facing up to a new commercial landscape in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Things might not be the same again, but currently, we are busy adjusting to the short term.

One thing is for sure, online shopping businesses are better placed than high street stores during the lockdown. Are you a physical retailer which is considering extending your online presence into e-commerce? If you are, you’ll need a penetrative online campaign to get you started, and which better way to target the right audience than with a social media ad campaign?

From Facebook to Instagram advertising, there are plenty of platforms which allow you to reach the target customer base you need to. But will your campaign deliver value and help to drive visitors to your e-commerce site? What we are going to do in this blog is give you some key tips to execute the best ad campaign for a burgeoning e-commerce business.

1. Get showcasing

If you are selling products online, you’ll need to shout from the rooftops about your product range. Use all the tools available to you to ensure your audience gets a feel for the breadth of your product collection. On Facebook, you can now use multi-product ads in order to display several products within a single frame. This gives digital shopping customers the chance to click on multiple products. Alternatively, you might use the space to display several benefits of a single product.

2. Dynamic product ads

Unlike some forms of print and display advertising, with campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, you needn’t ‘hit and hope’. Take Facebook’s Dynamic Ads Feature – it allows you to upload your entire product catalogue, which can then be targeted at specific customer depending on their buying behaviour.

3. Drill down demographics

Facebook advertising is also an example of a social media channel which offers ample opportunities for targeting your buyer personas. Whether you are looking for the meticulous mother or the spontaneous student – Facebook allows you to direct ads to different audiences divided by their age, sex, interests and geographical location.

4. Target abandoned carts

One early problem which you might find when shifting your business online is the tendency for customers to put items in their cart and then abandon it. This is a very common pattern of behaviour, but unlike a physical shop, you aren’t there to point them in the right direction. For this purpose, retargeting ads can work a treat, giving you the opportunity to jog their memory and remind them about a planned purchase. This is a useful way of bumping up your conversions.

Just like opening a physical shop – your e-commerce customer base might not expand overnight. But with social media ad campaigns which are run correctly, you can ensure that you are getting the best value from your ad spend. Rather than dive in with a big budget, you should concentrate on a testing phase which identifies the campaigns that offer you the most conversions. Happy hunting!