Top Tips for Business Productivity and Organisation during the COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Produce small but beneficial goals: Setting yourself up to be organised is key. It’s important before every work session that you outline what your realistic goals are for the day. This way, you can segment a logical way of thinking and get the job done efficiently! Being organised the night before can also be useful for this. Although brainstorming ideas can be helpful, don’t overwork yourself prior to the task at hand. Producing small lists or tables to keep organised and therefore decipher which tasks need focussing on, by order of importance, can prove advantageous in the world of business; this is particularly key during the isolation period (regarding COVID-19).

2. Ensure you take breaks: Previous studies have shown that working in 30-minute timeslots proves to be far more productive and effective than hourly long sessions of work. It has been shown that working in volumes of this time can increase concentration levels and bring valuable results. Our workspaces are limited at the moment, so anything from a 20-minute walk in your local area (maintaining social distance from other individuals) to a 5-minute coffee making session can really boost the use of constructive and critical thinking throughout your working day. At Shoo, we utilise the right number of breaks to keep a healthy balance in and outside of the office, boosting productivity and organisation for our team.

3. Batch process: Increased productivity comes through prioritisation. Selecting just three things to do in any working session will help you move smoothly from task A to B in a cohesive way without any complexities. By grouping and binding similar tasks together, you reduce the limitation of distractions (by not answering non-important emails and calls). At Shoo, we encourage this way of multitasking and have seen our own business reap up the benefits from complying with this momentum. If the workload seems more than necessary, disperse and delegate tasks to other members of your team to allow the batch process to run fluently.

4. Eliminate any distractions: Remote working within your family home during the pandemic can prove difficult with many distractions surrounding you. One way to remain focused and motivated is selecting the appropriate workspace. Perhaps you have a home office… if not, why not set one up? Utilise your home and the space you have accessible to create privacy and to work in a way that’s effective. Reward yourself with breaks as previously mentioned and utilise any resources around you (such as news output, books that you may not have thought about previously) to help create a tenacious mindset by using primary resources, rather than secondary. Additionally, muting notifications of your social media apps and personal emails can also assist an increased focus.

5. Finalise and organise: This tip is more of an obvious perspective and ties all the previous four tips together. Ensure that you’ve reached your goals for the working session and have come to a significant conclusion of which tasks need to be accomplished next in relation to deadlines. Frequently measure your own progress and the success of your team. This way, you eliminate any obstacles that may occur and can set out the next steps that are necessary to take. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that building our connections with business partners and associates can be worrying. Considering this, let’s file and organise effectively to implement business as usual.

At Shoo, we offer an array of business and marketing approaches that can really assist your productivity and organisational skills. Join us through our website, where we can offer you the tools and abilities to elevate your business through difficult times like these. We want to give you business as usual with the confidence and means to move upwards. See our website for more: