Top 5 Features of Facebook Workplace

Here at Shoo, we love nothing more than working with businesses to create an effective social media strategy that is beneficial to their offering. Hotels, bars and restaurants are particularly well placed to shout from the social media rooftop but are they using it to their full advantage? Although good old-fashioned word of mouth still helps to promote and influence such businesses, consumer habits are changing. The difference between a good social media presence and a great social media presence can make all the difference when deciding where to eat, drink and/or stay, so if your hotel, bar or restaurant needs to up its social media game, read on…

We all use Facebook. Whether it be on our phones, laptops or desktop computers we are constantly surrounded by it. Since the launch in 2004, the growth of the platform has enabled the everyday consumer to become interconnected within everyone’s personal lives, staying up to date on current affairs across the globe. As Facebook has worked so well on a personal level, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has since extended his platform to the world of business, with the introduction of Facebook Workplace. This extension of current services has been targeted towards business professionals. The fundamental purpose of this new service is to increase productivity within your workplace, elevating time management and team working skills to a greater standard overall.

Here at Shoo Social Media, we’ve compiled our top five features of Facebook Workplace to inform you of its potential.

1) Workplace Chat 

Effective business is driven by good communication, which is why this is our number one feature. Since communication is particularly important when working as a team, this feature provides access to video-chat meeting capabilities (ideal for employee’s working away). It also grants access to group messaging as well as private one-to-one conversations.

Facebook Workplace 

2) Groups

This feature is all about collaboration. Facebook Workplace allows you to collaborate collectively as a team, sharing files, tasks and updates. Team managers can assign roles and permissions depending on staff access levels. Groups are fully customisable for each business, providing flexibility for your needs. This space can also be used to store private information and documents securely. One of the best elements to the “Groups” feature is the ability of allowing external parties joining areas of your Workplace, allowing collaboration with clients in real-time.

Facebook Workplace groups 

3) Newsfeed

The Newsfeed feature allows you to see what is happening within your business and elsewhere. This feature is personalised, meaning it is unique to you and your networking habits. The algorithm is designed so that the posts you engage with the most are shown first, and much like Facebook you can like and react to these posts.

Facebook newsfeed

5) Org Chart 

Any increase in employees could result in complications about structure and roles within the business, and Facebook Workplace can provide your HR department with an alternative and effective way to manage staff profiles. It also provides employees with the information available on who to talk to in order to get things done. Within Org Chart, you can look for the individual profiles of employees, as well as information about you as a team, allowing you to gather all the relevant information at the click of a button. 

Org Chat

6) Auto-Translate 

As a business, growth is vital. With Auto-Translate, you can connect with businesses outside of your area, expanding your network, providing a pathway for your business to go global. And here’s the best bit; there are 46 languages to translate to with this feature, making connecting with anyone as easy as making a cup of tea.

Facebook Workplace is a very beneficial tool, allowing all businesses to grow in an ever-growing and advanced technological world. Starting at $4 USD, it can help businesses to solidify themselves as a team, improving communication and organisational skills. In turn, this helps with the growth and revenue of their businesses.

At Shoo, we can work with you on setting up and utilising Facebook Workplace. And better yet, we’ll provide your IT or HR department with the information and assistance they need to manage your organisation, including how to add employees, customise roles, spaces and groups. The possibilities are endless.

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