You might have noticed that recently your Instagram posts haven’t been receiving the same engagement they usually do. Why is this you ask? 

The Algorithm. 

Don’t worry if this concept appears daunting at first, the algorithm is more common than you think. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all use them, with the simple intention of dictating who views your content. However, Instagram have recently changed their algorithm game.

Recently, Instagram announced their algorithm would change your feeds to show ‘the moments you care about’. The secret to Instagram’s algorithm being, they want your feed to be friends and family focused. They want to create a more meaningful dynamic, rather than have users scrolling aimlessly through their feed.

So, are you lost on how to increase your post’s engagement and visibility? Keep reading to discover some helpful tips and the mystery of how to beat the algorithm. 



Instagram decides which posts are displayed on your feed, relying solely from data of the accounts you interact with most. This feature ensures you spend more meaningful time on the app, connecting with the people who matter to you most. 

One amazing advantage of the new algorithm is that brands are able to focus more on their community. 

Do you want to outsmart the algorithm? Then go and encourage your viewers to like and comment on your posts. These simple actions can help you build engagement with your followers. Another key engagement measure can be noticed through the saving of posts, boosting them further within the algorithm. 


The algorithm relies on frequency, which may sound complicated, but simply means it depends on the post’s level of engagement. Ultimately, this means that the algorithm now shows you the best and most popular posts. 

Along with the most recent, therefore if posting frequently, your content will be bumped to the top of people’s feeds. 

You can instantly adapt to the algorithm by checking your Instagram analytics report available for all business accounts. This will show you peak times when your users are most active. Post at these peak times as the initial surge of likes will increase the engagement and popularity.

Session Time: 

This point may seem very simple, but yet very true. The time a user spends on Instagram will obviously relate to how many posts they see. The more active a user is, the more they will see, as opposed to someone who spends little time on it. 

So, if you’re looking to increase your visibility, scout for users to follow who are regularly active.



Stories have become an integral feature for many brands and businesses. Most Instagram brands now post almost as many stories as they upload posts, if not more. With around 400 million users watching stories daily, you’ve struck gold if you can incorporate these easy strategies into your business:

  1. Brands with an active presence on Instagram are viewed favourable by users, so be consistent when uploading. Consistently uploading will keep your profile popping up, leaving a favourable impression on your followers. 
  2. Use interactive stickers on your stories, and post with your location on. Whether that be a city or somewhere specific, posting with a location triggers 70% more engagement than without. 


As previously mentioned, encouraging your followers to like and comment is essential when boosting engagement. Follow these bonus tips to optimise your brand:

  1. Launch a giveaway or competition. Encourage followers to tag 3 friends and repost your post onto their story for an extra entry. This amazing strategy not only increases your engagement, but amplifies your visibility to people who don’t follow you too. 
  2. Comment on other accounts. This will ensure you build new relationships with brands and increase your visibility to new potential and relevant customers. 

Why not try leaving a thoughtful comment about another brand’s products on their feed? 


Striking visual content is highly prioritised on Instagram. It is important to make your pictures stand out from the crowd, excite users and persuade them to hit that like button. To keep up your quality, give these tips a try:

  1. Focus on using editing apps such as VSCO and Canva to accentuate the quality of your photos. Also, use Canva to create highlight covers which keep your feed uniform and visually aesthetic. 
  2. Instagram moving images: Using GIFS and and Boomerangs will boost your engagement, and are amazing to showcase multiple aspects of products or angles. Revamp your account with an interesting dynamic by incorporating GIFS and Boomerangs into your feed. Not only do they break up your feed from static images, it definitely highlights your brand’s personality. 

Unfortunately, as algorithms are always changing, what marketing strategy works today may not work tomorrow.                

However these are some great tips, guaranteed to help your account survive the algorithm at all times. So, go and use these tried and tested tips, as we know they will guarantee a huge boost in your engagement. 

Leave a response and tell us if you have mastered the algorithm, and what crafty techniques you have used to amplify your account.

By Ella Berry, Shoo Academy