The Navvies who built the Bramhope tunnel


Catapult Films is a company which creates engaging films for every communication channel, including websites, YouTube and Social Media, presentations, training courses, cinema and TV. They produce a variety of different films such as, case studies, testimonials and product demonstrations and prime time advertisements.

Mark Currie at Catapult Films, has continually supported Shoo Social Media, as well as the events we hold. He has been a sponsor for Fashion Fiesta, which is a fashion show that helps raise money for local charities. Mark Currie created a video for Shoo which helped recruit sponsors for the event. Mark Currie was also an exhibitor for Digital U, a digital knowledge exchange held by Shoo Social Media.

Catapult latest project is ‘The Navvies who built the Bramhope tunnel’. Otley Town Council have commissioned Mark Currie at Catapult Films to create a short 30 minutes documentary-style film, telling the story of how the Bramhope Tunnel was built between 1845-1849. The film is a Heritage Lottery Funded project to celebrate 170 years since the tunnel’s completion.

A ‘Navvy’ is a labourer employed in the excavation and construction of a road, railway, or canal. Thousands of Navvies had been engaged to excavate a 2.1-mile tunnel that would link Horsforth to the south with the Arthington Viaduct. The Bramhope tunnel was one of the longest railway tunnels in the country and formed part of the ambitious Leeds and Thirsk Railway which would open a trade path between the economies of Yorkshire and the north-east. However, during the four years of construction, over 50 men tragically died whilst working on the Bramhope Tunnel.

For the 170 year anniversary, the ‘Navvies’ Monument’ which is located behind the parish church in Otley will be rededicated, along with Mark Currie’s documentary, which will commemorate both the anniversary of its construction and those who died whilst working on the Bramhope Tunnel.


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