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We support businesses looking to educate and empower employees so they can effectively develop their brand. Our company cannot use social media monitoring to control what your employees and customers say. However, we can be proactive with our support to your business should an issue arise. It is increasingly important to empower your teams with social media so that they are able to communicate with different generations and the next managers, entrepreneurs or company directors. However, it is imperative your company guidelines protects the employee and employer, therefore you need to protect your company reputation and lower your risk of legal issues by looking at the potential risks.

Raising standards
Having a social media policy in place sets high standards for employees to follow and therefore help your company empower your employees to use social media to communicate effectively. Having a policy in place helps maintain brand consistency and ensures the social media platforms reflect your brand and its values.

Keeping it legal
At Shoo, we work with a professional employment lawyer that will develop a legally drawn up social media policy bespoke to your organisation. This provides clarity of rules and regulations and how employees should use their own personal social media with your company brand, by setting clear expectations about how they should behave on each social media. If you are a large organisation with various brand guidelines, a social media policy is a must, ensuring that the behaviour and engagement reflect each various social media platforms in a way that is brand positive and consistent.

Keeping it going
Social media policies can only be successful if someone is taking ownership of implementing it. We can certainly help and work alongside you by delivering training and educational workshops to understand the importance of legal issues, safety and security guidelines to ensure social media is not abused.


When looking to take on new members of staff, we often check Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin to understand what kind of person they are likely to be and does their online personal brand match with their professional, personal brand at interview.

As a job seeker you should really consider your social media settings on each platform and look at your profile from a public perspective and therefore an employers perspective. I know of a head teacher, who was enjoying her holiday and was tagged in an unflattering photo, dancing on a pole; resulting in parents, children and governors seeing it online. Through no fault of her own (other than not having privacy settings set appropriately) she ended up losing her job. Check your settings.

With particular focus on LinkedIn, the professional business platform, you should really consider your profile. Is it well written? Do I have a head-shot that represents me and therefore a potential employer? The headline is an opportunity to be seen by headhunters – make it easy for them to find you by stating clearly the job you are seeking.

In short:

– Update your privacy settings on all platforms

– Have a professional head-shot

– Get someone else to write your summary statement on LinkedIn as it’s often easier for someone else to write great, inspiring words about you

– Review and refresh each of your social media and consider which photos to keep. Does it portray your best you?

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