Social Audio Experiences are arriving to Facebook

Storytelling and lullabies before bedtime form an integral part of our childhood. If that didn’t work out, there was always an alternative of counting sheep. Today, Facebook has introduced a new form of storytelling, with the goal of creating audio stories using advanced AI technologies that make it possible to create in public spaces as well as from the home. There has been a continuing rise of audio on all the Facebook platforms, from audio calls to audio messages on WhatsApp and Messenger. Facebook is now finding new and innovative ways of engaging with Facebook members and helping them discover new voices they haven’t heard before, help people say what they want to say, create new and exciting social experiences and exchange ideas at the speed of sound. Let’s break down this proposal and keep you up to date with the latest developments on offer.


Throughout the pandemic, businesses around the world are having to adapt to new changes to their business structure to effectively counter any challenges and barriers the pandemic had to offer. Facebook has also adopted a different approach, with their new social audio experiences being one of many developments the company has accomplished. Podcasts have been a hot trend over the past few years and Facebook is willing to take advantage of this opportunity as they believe that some stories and conversations deserve more airtime. At first, users would have to leave the Facebook app to listen to various stories and episodes. Now, with this latest feature, users would be able to listen to podcasts directly on the Facebook app. This would not only allow Facebook to be flexible in their approach but also for podcast creators as they would be able to connect with new listeners and build their brand.


Live audio rooms

Audio is known to be the perfect way for communities to engage around topics people care about. This is why Facebook is launching ‘live audio rooms’ and hope that this would provide public figures with the opportunity to host conversations with other public figures, experts and fans, as well as this being a great way to hang out with friends. Live audio would be made accessible and discoverable so that public figures would share their ideas with new audiences and be able to create a forum of discussions.


Monetisation opportunities

Money doesn’t grow on trees. Maybe in your dreams but, there are other ways of making a living out of your creative minds therefore, Facebook has introduced multiple ways for audio creators to build their business whilst pursuing their passion. Fans will be given the opportunity to support their creators through audio creator funds, Facebook stars or donate to causes they care about. Facebook stars is a feature that allows users to monetise their streams. Soon, after the launch of live audio rooms, monetisation models will be introduced and this would allow users to gain access to a live audio room through a subscription. 

We live in a very revolutionised world where there is no limit to creativity. We are considered lucky in a sense that we are brought up in a time where technology is booming and content creators can take complete advantage over this and use it to their benefit. Creators can also seek the opportunity to build their business whilst pursuing their passion. Digital apps such as TikTok, have developed an excellent reputation for themselves and have been seeing a surge in downloads due to their prevalence of trends. With Facebook creating new opportunities for content creators to build their brand and explore new social audio experiences, they would hope that these features would be successful in the long run and help the company to capitalise on any fallouts occurring during times of adversity. Now that we have tingled your taste buds and filled your brain with key information, what are you waiting for? Go out there and Get creative!