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Taking your first steps to an exciting career


It can often seem like a bit of a puzzle. You’re trying to secure your first step on the career ladder and you have bags of talent, enthusiasm and ambition. You have great academic credentials and a brilliant university degree, but the one thing you don’t have is work experience.

Without it, many recruitment departments can be reluctant to give you the opportunity you need to shine. How do you get experience if no one will give you a chance?

All is not lost

Shoo Social Media have helped people gain that essential first experience in a supportive, friendly and challenging environment. They’ve introduced students and graduates to life at a busy, innovative agency. If you think you could be passionate at helping businesses get the most from their social media then they might be able to help.

Is it just about making tea and tidying up?

We’ve all heard horror stories about terrible internships where all you do is make the drinks. If you’re only taking care of menial stuff then it’s likely you’re wasting your time. Don’t spend a few months of your life watching the clock and wishing you were somewhere else.

Shoo Social Media internships are very different.

Students and graduates who have worked as interns at Shoo Media have helped with a wide range of tasks. These have included posting social media content, creating graphics and learning how to use different creative software. They’ve worked alongside designers, writers and other senior professionals to deliver for Shoo Media clients. They’ve become valued members of a dynamic team, committed to getting the best out of one another.

Get to know your strengths and weaknesses

When we’re starting out on our careers, we might not be fully aware of our capabilities. It’s by being challenged in a supportive environment that we really begin to uncover our strengths and weaknesses. By the end of your internship, you might be considering professional avenues that hadn’t previously crossed your mind. You’ll make valuable professional connections and develop vital skills such as time management.

Giving back

Shoo Social Media dedicate between 10% and 20% of their time to working on charitable ventures, like the exciting Fashion Fiesta fashion show which raises money for charities working in the local community.

Shoo Social Media want to hear from you

Our recent interns love to shout about the good things they learnt while at Shoo Social Media. Could you be next?

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