5 of the best ways to stay connected with your colleagues outside of the office

You might be wondering how to keep your colleagues connected during these troublesome times. If you are having to work from home, or if your colleagues are absent, don’t worry. Here at Shoo, we’ve compiled a list of the best platforms that allow for effective communication between you and your team:

Workplace from Facebook

Workplace works in a very similar way to Facebook, meaning it will be familiar with a lot of people. It’s a mobile app and website allow you to connect your team to goals and tasks as well as giving everyone an easy way to communicate with each other. With accessibility to both video and audio calls as well as a quick messaging function, Workplace allows users to communicate in groups or one to one wherever you are. Also, it allows you to create groups within your workplace in order to organise and delegate all the duties as well as giving you the option to automate any everyday tasks you have using bots. Overall, Workplace gives you a great platform to connect with your colleagues that is simple, effective and works in a way that many people will already be accustomed to. 


Trello is an enormously useful organisation tool that makes arranging any tasks, projects or events easy. You can use Trello to create boards, cards and lists that you can share amongst your team and use to delegate responsibilities. It is also useful for time management as you can assign due dates and rank tasks by their priority so you and your colleagues can work effectively. If an organisation is something you need then Trello is perfect as it gives you a place, that is accessible from anywhere, to put down ideas and make them a reality.

Microsoft Teams

Similarly to Workplace, Microsoft teams allows users to connect with their colleagues via video and audio calls and instant messaging. Microsoft Teams’ party piece is its conference call feature that allows an unlimited number of people to join a conference call from anywhere. So, if you’ve got a conference call scheduled that’s been disrupted by colleagues being absent from your office, worry no longer, Microsoft Teams has got you covered. With both a website and a mobile app that is accessible on most devices, this is a great platform for you and your colleagues to use. 


HeySpace is a virtual workspace that combines the features of Workplace and Trello in order to create a platform where you can organise, communicate and work on your projects all in one place. Its chat feature allows people to message each other instantly, whilst its board feature allows users to compile their ideas and projects into one place for their teams to access. It also has a calendar feature that you can use to save and share any important dates and deadlines. 


Slack is a collaboration, messaging platform that allows you to create different conversation channels for different areas of your company. Slack makes everything easily accessible with its search feature that allows you to find different messages, conversations and files with speed and ease. Slack has a unique ability that allows you to integrate other platforms, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, making file sharing simple and quick.

These platforms will truly make your life a lot easier during these difficult times. So if you, like many others, are struggling to keep organised and connected, we strongly encourage you to adopt one or more of these platforms and relieve some of the pressure.