Memoirs of a global recession

As we are currently going through a period of economic uncertainty/fear/rumination with the current pandemic, with some businesses right now having contracts cancelled or delayed. The logical brain will kick-in eventually for sure, but I am pragmatist and having a long term career in hotels and event management I have seen all sorts; including IRA bombs to evacuating hotels (yes, really, I am that old).

I feel that I have been through many storms since the start of my career since leaving university and this has made me more resilient. 9/11 in 2001 (I didn’t get my graduate job). SARS in 2003 (I went back to uni to complete a masters) and 2008 the world global financial crisis (I moved to to Sydney). The best advice Janis my Hotel Sales Director gave me in 2009 when the last economic crisis happened was make sure you keep in touch with your clients (she said something similar I have been through many recessions) and ‘pick up the phone and call them’. In today’s society we have so many ways of keeping in touch.

It is such an important time to make sure we are working together and collaborating. If you were not aware we have a Facebook group that you can participate in, share concerns, post up offers that help support businesses; join here:

Please make use of this group, don’t isolate yourself virtually and do share your anxieties about your business/life with the group no one is judging (well they shouldn’t be) #talkmore and help this is going to be a difficult period for so many of us including our own business, let’s ride the storm together. If you do need professional support them please do get in touch; Fashion Fiesta supported a great mental health charity and I am sure Ryan can help you.

My tops tips: wash your hands, network virtually, prepare for remote working, pick up the phone/video phone, open the window and get some fresh air (it is allowed, BBC Breakfast told me this). Use social media to keep in touch with your prospects and clients.

Stay virus free, keep social virtually!

Rachel, Director and Owner of Shoo Social Media Ltd