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Today, Shoo Social Media, are introducing a new team of savvy social media experts that will be creating blog posts for the next 4 weeks.

Our team consists of four different students, from, Leeds Beckett University. We are all studying Media driven degrees. Due to studying a creative degree, we have the amazing opportunity to work alongside Shoo Social Media, and use the skills that we have developed on our course, to ensure that Shoo, not only thrives, but educates and grows within the Social Media industry. Our team all work together seamlessly, but, as individuals, we all have different specialities when it comes to Social Media. One of us is more skilled in writing and creating content, one member prefers to look at statistics of posts that are going out on the web, one likes to shoots aesthetically pleasing photos, and, the other member loves to create more moving images such as short clips and videos.

Is your next question, is, why are they doing this? The team are creating content to gain experience so that they can get a job in their digital passion, whether that be, digital marketing, Social Media, or, creating content like photos and videos for brands. They are also doing this, to, help you, the general public. We also want to inform you on how to learn and understand Social Media. Social Media is becoming an integral part of society and our daily lives, but we also know that it’s a bit hard to juggle work, family lives, leisure activities and everything else, so never mind Social Media! We also want to entertain via talking to you all about things that were big in the nineties and previous decades to show that you can relive the good old times but via social media and online This could be by, Spotify, where you could find a song, such as

No Scrubs’ by TLC and then share it onto your Facebook/Twitter accounts to ensure that your friends know that you are listening to it. It could be sharing a link from an old show that you loved as a child that has arrive on Netflix, or, it could simply sharing an article onto your Social Media about how things were easier back then.

Come and follow our campaign via viewing our content on Shoo Social Media website and our Social Media below!





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