Marketing Your Way out of the Crisis – a webinar hosted by Nigel Apperley and Chris Morris

As national COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to be gradually lifted, many businesses are concerned with the impending financial scar the pandemic will leave on the economy.

Marketing Crisis

On Thursday 18th March 2021 at 4pm (GMT), Shoo Social Media’s CVO Chris Morris is partnering with Nigel Apperley, CEO of Trustist, to host an hour-long webinar discussing how businesses who have felt the economic impact of the pandemic can optimise their marketing strategies to recover and prosper in the post-COVID digital world.

The webinar is divided into three 20-minute segments, with the final one being a Q&A.

The first segment ‘Marketing Your Way Out of the Crisis’ will be led by Nigel, who will examine the current economic situation caused by COVID and discuss case studies of industry giants including Kellogg’s, Amazon, McDonald’s and Toyota, as well as a Trustist client from the first lockdown, to demonstrate not only how different businesses have handled recessions, but also the success of the results. The section also showcases how businesses can use reviews to maintain their online reputation whilst unable to operate normally and continue reaping the benefits of this after restrictions are lifted.

The second segment ‘How to Build a Scalable Lead Generation Machine through Facebook & Instagram Advertising’ will be delivered by Chris, who will demonstrate how to set up and create Facebook adverts that reach your desired target audience within the 80%+ internet users currently on Facebook. A trusted source, ability to target specific audiences and track ad success (in measures such as clicks, ‘likes’ and conversions), the social platform is ideal for advertising any business.

To learn about the power of Facebook advertising, as well as how to set up and create the perfect ad campaign, monitor and improve your business to get a great ROI, register for the free webinar ‘Marketing Your Way out of the Crisis’ here.