The LinkedIn Insight Tag: everything you need to know!

LinkedIn helps businesses connect their brands with the world’s largest audience of influential professionals. With approximately 690 million members on LinkedIn, it’s the perfect opportunity to utilise and grow your brand with the help of the LinkedIn Insight Tag.

LinkedIn offers some of the best targeting options within the marketing industry. From reaching an audience based on someone’s employer, company size, job title and more, it’s a great advertising tool to connect with a specific audience in mind.

What is the LinkedIn Insight Tag?

Also known as the LinkedIn Tracking Pixel or the LinkedIn Conversion Pixel, The LinkedIn Insight Tag tracks conversions, retargets website visitors and unlocks extra insights about members who interact with your ads. The LinkedIn Insight Tag can help businesses with the following:

Understanding your audience

A free demographics reporting tool gives promoters data about LinkedIn members visiting their website.

Reaching engaged audiences

Create retargeting campaigns to reach website visitors with LinkedIn accounts to continue engagement that was lost.

Measuring and optimising performance

There are various conversion metrics available to utilise, measure and optimise performance. Here are some details to help you get a better understanding:

– Conversions – The total number of times that users completed a required action after seeing your LinkedIn ad.

– Click conversions – The number of clicks on your ad that ended in a conversion.

– View conversions – The number of impressions of your ad that resulted in a conversion.

– Conversion rate – The total number of conversions divided by the number of clicks on your ad.

– Cost per conversion – The average amount that you paid for a conversion.

– Total conversion value – The total worth of your recorded conversions.

– Return on ad spend – The total conversion value divided by your total spend.

How long does it take to set up?

The LinkedIn Insight Tag will only take a few minutes to install. Similar to the Facebook Pixel or Google Ads Tag, when adding this piece of code onto your website, it tracks your ad performance.

Learn more about how to add the insight tag to your website here

What are the benefits of the LinkedIn Pixel?

You can’t collect data if there’s no tracking set up. Even if you didn’t want to start ads right now, by placing the tag on your website, in the future you’ll have a backlog of data collected.

The LinkedIn Pixel is able to track events and conversions, helping marketers to acquire knowledge about what’s working and not working, creating a valuable understanding of your ad campaign.

One of the top characteristics of the LinkedIn Pixel is being able to track website interactions after users click on a link. This means you can retarget any leads and purchases that were lost through the use of LinkedIn ads.

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