Instagram is an impressive, idealistic and imperative force for any doubtful generation X business owners.

Here are 4 incredible features Instagram offers that will surely boost your business to the echelons of success! 

1.User generated content 

We, humans, are very visual creatures, and pictures and images can deliver more information than a three hundred word review can ever be able to. At around 90% of all information transmitted to the human brain is through visual content! According to Power reviews e-commerce report, over 70% of shoppers seek out user generated content of a product before purchasing it. This is a cost free way to advertise your product and highlights the natural tendencies humans have to assess something before committing to the item. User generated content is considered natural and realistic. Many customers prefer this unedited format of an item, that hasn’t been tampered with. Many brands airbrush and heavily distort the real version of their products, which makes it come across as fake. This realistic portrayal of an item may also reduce the rates of unhappy customers returning their items due to catfishing.

2.Discovery Page

Just under 81% of all of the 500 million daily Instagram users follow a business according to their interest, and just over 70% of users have said they have gone on to purchase a product directly from Instagram. Thanks to the attention grabbing discovery page, users get to indulge in a collage of interests based on their activity on what they like and share. Just over 58% of all Instagram users are reportedly to find new businesses on their explore page. The explore page showcases videos and also the unique IGTV feature.

3.Instagram Story Ads 

Product tags are clicked on by over 88 million Instagram users every single month. Instagram ads can appear on the discovery page and on the top of your story viewing tab. The ads are normally for brands that customers have an interest in already due to aforementioned before, such as user activity.  Links such as ‘shop now’ and ‘see details’ are all almost impossible for users to ignore. 

4.CTA call-to-actions 

CTAs is an ideal technique that can massively flourish under all social media marketing platforms, particularly within Instagram. Engagement CTA is directly telling your customers to engage in your content by triggering an action. A caption phrase such as ‘The one word to describe this new plant pot is…’ is a fantastic way for the brand to see if their customers are just passive viewers of their content or actively engage in it. Another example could be posting two images and ask the audience to use two different emojis to signal which one they prefer. The other form of CTA is ‘link in the bio’. Simply post a short paragraph about your brand’s product with a link to an alternative website where your brand can reap more benefits out of your customers.

These are a handful of great benefits Instagram offers. Generation X users can rapidly blend into the new decade by embracing the ease of marketing through Instagram. Through clear and concise instructions, new users can navigate with confidence immediately.