How will the 2018 Facebook algorithm changes impact advertising my business?


On the 11th of January, Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement that Facebook’s news feed is due to undergo a significant change. To keep users from passively consuming content, the world’s biggest social media platform is moving away from its current time-thief format and closer to a platform that will let users have “more meaningful social interactions”.

So, how will this affect your social media marketing?

In a post on Facebook Business, Adam Mosseri, the Head of News Feed at Facebook, went into a little more detail about the changes. Soon, instead of ranking posts based on the shares and comments they’ve racked up, Facebook will start prioritising content that its algorithms think will spark some meaningful discussion. Basically, more photos of your auntie at the Great Yorkshire Show, and fewer cringe-worthy memes created by big brands.

This means there will be a decrease in public content, for example product videos and other blatant advertising content from businesses. Users who actively want to see content from your business will still be able to prioritise it simply by tweaking their “See First in News Feed” settings. However, you’ll need to make some changes to convince them to do so.

Your next steps

Once these disruptive changes come in, the few spaces in the News Feed set aside for businesses will be given to those brands who put out content which consistently sparks active, meaningful engagement. After all, this is what these algorithm changes are all about.

To stay competitive in the organic reach arena, you’re going to need to focus your content on things that will lead to discussion, and provide value to your target market. Whether it’s live streams, videos, events, how-to blog posts or news items, make sure you’re getting people talking! Organic reach has already started dwindling in the face of widespread content-boosting ads, and things are only going to get tougher.

Don’t panic…

Though these recent announcements have worried many business owners, it’s important to remember that Facebook advertising is the primary way the social network makes money. Zuckerberg is too smart to commit all-out commercial suicide, and though they may be toning down brands’ place in the News Feed, ads aren’t going anywhere in the long run.

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