3 ways to optimise Facebook ads for your online store: increase sales

Facebook is one of the most efficient ways to advertise online. Many novices view the Facebook advertising platform as an instant cash cow: Create an ad, run it, and – voila – watch the money pour in an endless stream of wealth. Unfortunately, money does not grow on trees. Learning about Facebook ads may present an opportunity for businesses to take advantage of the expansion of the digital world and gain an online presence but, this process isn’t a piece of cake. Facebook advertising requires strategy and effort to work. Unsure on where to begin? Well, when I’m here, you shall not fear. Let’s break down the main points on Facebook Advertising and how you can optimise Facebook Ads for your online store. 

Always know your business objectives

You can’t run Facebook ads and expect results without defining your business objectives. Always relate back to your business objectives so that you know what your business is working towards and hope to achieve your given aims and objectives. Choosing an objective is important as this helps Facebook optimize your ad to reach your goal. Objectives can include:

  • Brand awareness – increasing awareness of your business so that customers can be aware of your brand and may consider purchasing products.
  • Traffic – boost engagement and traffic to your website so that you can gain more viewers and customers to your website which would eventually lead to sales.
  • Conversions – drive specific action on your website such as, signing up to a newsletter or making a purchase.
  • Video views – the use of video is effective in driving engagement. Ever wondered how songs like ‘Baby Shark’ became popular? The music video became viral as it was constantly shared online. Just because I mentioned this song, doesn’t give you the invitation to sing it. Please. We all need a break from this.
  • Reach – reach the optimal number of people within your target audience. Any content that is appreciated by users, that content may be shared to a larger audience thus resulting in an increase in engagement, traffic and sales.


Testing different Ad formats

Not all types of ads perform equally well across the board. Business is all about innovation and creativity therefore, businesses can look at experimenting with different formats until they find the one that converts well for their audience. 


Remarket to your target audience

A user that interacted with you once will likely buy from you after several tries. Always remember advertising to increase sales isn’t a one-and-done deal. Not all customers will interact with your brand, which is why you have to make sure your objectives are clear and that your target audience knows and understands your business. Nobody likes to be ignored but that also doesn’t mean you just give up when a customer doesn’t convert. Using Facebooks custom audience is an effective way of retargeting an existing audience you may have and this includes:

  • Website traffic – this includes any visitors to your website.
  • Customer list – as you can upload a customer list to Facebook, the platform would use the information to identify and target an existing customer on your platform.
  • Video – the use of video is very effective in driving engagement and interest. Create a custom audience that consists of users who have watched your videos on Facebook/Instagram. As you target potential customers, they can see the amount of passion you showcase for your business and you could end up grasping their attention.

Facebook is a great resource for businesses to advertise their products and services online. One way you can use Facebook effectively is by advertising on the site using visual content such as images and videos as they are more engaging and can help generate traffic and interest. There are so many ways businesses can optimise Facebook ads for their online store. I appreciate it if anyone doesn’t like reading large chunks of text and prefers getting straight to the point. I know I do. By following these 3 simple methods, using Facebook ads can be a piece of cake and you can be sure of increasing engagement, traffic and sales.