How to make your LinkedIn profile more professional

We often don’t think about LinkedIn as a platform to market ourselves. It’s a tool we can use to brand ourselves for future employees or partners. We often are too focused on promoting our businesses and forget about our own personal employability. Our LinkedIn profile can be a big decider for big opportunities. It’s also a way of contacting other businessmen or women in your industry. 

These 5 tips will either help you create a better, effective and professional LinkedIn profile, OR it will educate you to know what to look for in LinkedIn profiles to guarantee the people you want to connect with are the RIGHT people for you.

1) The right profile pictures

A profile on LinkedIn is one of the most important features of your profile. It’s what introduces you to people visiting your page. You need to make sure your photo is recent and looks like you. Make sure the photo is 60% of your face, long shots won’t be as successful, and neither will a photo with others. people want to know what YOU look like. Make sure you wear what you would normally wear to work, this makes your profile already look professional. Another big tip for the right profile picture is to make sure the picture is in high resolution. Make sure your picture represents you as a person, and your brand this will give the visitor the right idea of who you are and if you fit their brand or needs. 

2) Create a striking headline

This is the text below your name on your profile. Usually, the default setting will fill this part with your current job title- this can get quite repetitive for potential employers and partners. There are 120 characters you can use to impress your page visitor. Give information about yourself, what your current role is and why you do that role, you could also add how this benefits your current company or your customers.

3) Paint a picture of yourself through a summary

The summary gives you a chance to tell your story, this is considered the biggest part of marketing yourself on your page. In this section, you can inform people of your past employment and your experiences with these, you can also add the skills you learnt whilst employed at that business. You need to brief your profile visitor about who you are as a professional. For future employers, you need to inform them of what you can bring to their team and how the skills you have learnt will help the success of their business. You have 2000 words for your summary, BUT the biggest tip for summaries is to not get too carried away, DO NOT write 2000 words as the attention span of the reader will not be as long. 

4) Make your profile unique; customise your URL

Your URL is the web address for your profile, this is the “link “you can give out to other professionals. Why not make your profile stand out by having your own URL? It will look neat and pleasing to others whilst making your profile more professional. For your unique URL, you should put your name, and your profession to keep a consistent brand.

How to create your own custom linked URL

  • Log in, click Me > View Profile from the upper right-hand corner of the page
  • On the upper right-hand side of your profile, click edit your public profile
  • “public profile settings” will open, on the right-hand side of this page you will find a section called edit public profile URL. 
  • Under this section header will be your current URL, click on the pencil next to this to edit. 

5) Share the work that you produce for your current business

Sharing work such as case studies, adverts, videos and blogs will help give more depth and information about your skills, how you work and your creativity. It gives information about who you are as a person and also information on the business you currently work for. It also shows that you are committed and maintain a passion for the work/ business you work for, making you more employable. 

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