How to advertise on Facebook

Facebook advertising can be the perfect solution for any UK business looking for targeted ads that really do work. If you’re scheduling your media buying calendar for the coming months, these top tips provide the basics to get you started with Facebook ad placements and campaigns:

Setting up an ad account with Facebook

If your business already has a Facebook page, you’re ready to start creating your first campaigns right now! You just need to click through to Ads Manager from the Facebook for Business site You can get started on creating your ad straight away, but do need to read through and accept Facebook’s terms and conditions and non-discrimination policy.

Tips for creating your ad and setting up campaigns on Facebook

Once you’re online with Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll be directed straight to your business dashboard. You can create your first ad immediately, and the quickest way to do so is by clicking through to the Quick Creation page which is linked at the top of the dashboard. Of course, if you’re unfamiliar with marketing and advertising, the Quick Creation screen will probably seem a little complex. Facebook does offer simple ad solutions to suit any individual, so take the time to read through all the guidelines on the Facebook for Business site, and check out some of the top tips below to get started.

Choosing your advertising objectives

Getting Facebook ads to work well means choosing your business objectives beforehand. Some ads work better at driving conversions, while others increase brand awareness or reach. You’ll discover more as you browse the Facebook for Business site, and can easily set your own marketing objectives within Ads Manager. Your results will indicate the best ads and campaigns to reach your target audiences. For example, whether you need to incorporate Messenger ads or augmented reality ads to engage younger audiences or whether simple Collection ads will dramatically increase product sales and customer awareness.

Different types of Facebook ads

The Facebook group includes Messenger, Instagram, and Audience Network, so when you get started with Facebook marketing, you’ll need to specify where you want your ads shown.

There are lots of different ad styles to suit all kinds of business requirements. These include:

– Image ads, which are probably the simplest format for newbie advertisers and Facebook also state these can also provide highest performance and awareness levels

– Carousel ads give you the opportunity to showcase a rolling carousel of up to ten images or videos, with a link on each. This is one of the most cost-effective advertising methods and is ideal for storytelling or showcasing products or services

– Video adverts and slideshow ads are another great way to reach your target audience, and can be streamed into videos people are already watching, or used as stories or in feeds. There’s loads of online training in setting up Facebook ads on their website, alternatively, you can simply click straight through to setting up your first video ad campaigns from Facebook for Business

– Collection ads can be the best way to promote retail and e-commerce stores, as it’s an easy matter to advertise an entire range, clearance sale bargains, new collections, and much more. Potential purchasers simply click straight through from your Collection ad to the store, so converting browsers to new buyers is remarkably easy

Other popular Facebook ad formats include Slideshow, Offers, Instant Experience, Lead Generation, Post Engagement, Page Likes and Event Responses. Why don’t you take time to learn more about all the different ways to create the ad formats that work for your business now?

Marketing budgets dictate the schedules needed for any Facebook ads campaigns

No matter how large or small your budget, you’ll find ads schedules to suit. Before running any ad campaign, you’ll be prompted to set your lifetime or daily budget, and this will dictate the costs of all campaigns. It’s an easy matter to set your Facebook ads budget and schedule relevant actions, and this way you will always be in charge of your advertising. What’s more, you can easily track the performance of any separate ad within campaigns, or the overall performance of your campaign, from the Ads Manager Dashboard. This means you can pull ads that don’t work, or tweak them to suit your target audience at any time

When you decide to advertise on Facebook, you’ll find it’s easy to set up the scheduled campaigns needed for a daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal ads boost. You don’t need to worry about unscheduled ads posted at inappropriate times of day or to the wrong sector of society, because with Facebook ads you are in control of the entire advertising process.

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