How do you convince the non digital native generation of the merits of social media marketing?

It can be argued that Generation X is rather reluctant to embrace social media platforms. Privacy is by far the biggest concern when it comes to Generation X and their perception of social media. Over 26% of respondents of US digital device, digital privacy survey conducted in December 2018, were not comfortable in sharing their personal information with brands. 30% of the respondents did not trust the social media channels and 19% of the respondents, never shared any content online full stop. These are alarmingly interesting statistics of a generation that has so much value and experience to offer the marketing landscape of social media. These negative perceptions are likely stemmed from bad experiences Generation X users have been themselves personally regarding fraud or various traditional media outlets reporting leakages of information through hacking and data breaches. It will be a massive disadvantage to not to use social media for marketing purposes. Social media users will be glad to know as of December 2018 there are over 75 million brands on Facebook, marketing to users are across the world interested in their products.

Generation X users can be reassured greatly that these incidents of private information being exposed are guaranteed not to happen within social media platforms in this day and age. Instagram, for example, allows various options for users to block and report pages, content that you deem bad for the brand. One of the most beneficial privacy features, Instagram offers is the ‘two-factor’ authentication. This guarantees users that their page will not be logged in by another user. A text message with an authentication code will be sent to the user before they log in to their page.

Instagram is ideal for Generation X users. You have the option of making your page private and you can cultivate the specific audience that you want, therefore building exclusivity of your brand. Once you have gained enough confidence and recognition of your business, you can turn your page into a public business page and create paid for advertising to increase the visibility of your page to more users around the world.

According to Facebook’s statistics as of January 2020, over 70% of Facebook users are ‘high income’ users. This is a huge confidence boost for marketers that own a brand that offers high end commodities. It also costs literally nothing to start a business on Facebook, driving down the marketing expenses of your brand is a great foundation for a business. Facebook even offers a feature called ‘pages to watch’ which essentially allows you to compare the summary of competitors engagement from likes they receive to the number of posts they have out. 

All in all, the pros heavily outweigh the worries of Generation Xs potential worries of their brands being infiltrated. Instagram and Facebook are equally as effective for marketing regarding Generation X users, as they offer an abundance of control via their functions.