Do you prefer tea or coffee?

Did that grab your attention, and draw you in to find out what I’m going to write about?


That is also how advertising on Facebook and Instagram often works. This blog post will give you a little insight into different ways you can advertise your profile on Facebook and Instagram.  

The first point I should make is, that although we all use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, they perform very differently… here’s why. Instagram is far more visual than Facebook, therefore any written content is more likely to perform better on Facebook. However, if you wanted to post the same information to Instagram here is how I would go about it. A strong visual image is KEY. This will draw followers and potential clients in and they will want to read the caption and gain a better understanding of the business and what it is you can offer to them. Alongside the strong image comes a short and snappy caption with a brief explanation about what it is that you’re trying to get across. Putting links in your bio to the heftier content is another way for people from Instagram to access the chunkier information. 

Being active on several platforms is really important. This gives your followers an insight into your company, personality and what you stand for. Instagram and Facebook stories are really good for this, but I think it’s also important to mention Polls on Instagram. Let’s revisit the first sentence of this post; ‘Do you prefer tea or coffee?’ – it is a generic question that anyone may answer and hooks the reader in, asking them to interact with you. I feel that polls, whether they’re related to business ideas, or more generic topics are important. Why? Because getting good responses on stories helps to boost your profile on the Instagram algorithm and it also enables you and the client to open forms of communication. Going live / doing IGTV’s is something that is becoming more prominent day by day, especially due to COVID 19 and people adapting to working from home. While zoom calls and webinars are more private, Instagram/ Facebook lives and IGTV’s mean that all of your followers can gain an insight into the company and specific topics to do with the business depending on what the live/ IGTV is about.

Posting on all social media pages daily, will help build up a relationship with followers who then may come potential clients. Posting daily will help you to stand out against the algorithms and mean that your posts are seen more often than accounts who only post once a week. Hashtags also allow new accounts to discover you, as people follow hashtags and your posts will appear on them. Hashtags also allow you to be specific and to some extent control who sees the post – as said above, people follow hashtags as they may be interested in certain topics and as a result discover your company this way. 

Whilst posting one or more photos on Instagram daily, carousel images are also good to post. For those who may not have heard about these, this is where you post multiple images per post. The post will then appear several times on other people’s feeds but with the 2nd, 3rd, 4th image etc, meaning that your post is more likely to gain a higher reach using carousel images, than if it were just a single image. While people often post images to their social platforms, videos are also really great to post. Video marketing is currently the biggest growing marketing tool and the biggest developing element of social media marketing which is helpful to know when deciding on what content to post.  

I hope that this post has been useful to you, and that you’ve learnt something you didn’t know about ways to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. 

P.S, so which do you prefer… Coffee or Tea?

By Molly Hawker, Shoo Academy