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H&N Magazine


Established 16 years ago, H&N magazine was deployed as a vehicle to help revolutionise the magazine industry. The company was started by a Husband and Wife team, Angela and Dave Riches. The couple knew nothing about journalism or the publishing industry, but they had the perfect skill set between them to give it their best shot. Initially, there was to be only one edition however, this one edition did its job so well for every business advertising within its pages, demand for these increased the pressure to do more and after a huge leap of faith was taken, Here and Now Magazine was born. Angela and Dave built an enviable reputation for reliability and trust which not only helped them to survive two recessions but, they were able to distribute their magazines around the country however, unfortunately, this came to a standstill as Covid had other ideas. Because of this disaster, the company could no longer make printed publications available nor could these be put through people’s letterboxes. The lockdown period was in need of a new hero… and then along came Shoo social media.



We began by highlighting the problem H&N magazine had and identified ways they could capitalise on the fallouts occurred during the pandemic. We then realised that the company needed to establish an online presence and engage more with its social media platforms. The company, at first, didn’t make their website a priority however, seeing that the pandemic offered business opportunities of digitalisation, the plan was to make the website user-friendly and engaging. We got help and support from Waseem Hussain (website designer at WH Creative) and we were able to convert the proposed plan into reality. A major reshuffle was then bought into play and Shoo were managing the whole project. Within the space of 4 months, a lot had changed; H&N magazine now had a brand new and user-friendly website (all thanks to Waseem Hussain) and this offered a cheaper and cost-effective solution of raising awareness and this provides businesses with a more targeted route to market. The pandemic may have led to economic complications and uncertainty however, this period could also be classed as a blessing in disguise. We were able to support H&N magazine establish an online presence and help them provide a better and cost-effective solution to increasing traffic and engagement.



The renaissance of H&N magazine had begun. Like the phoenix out of the ashes, a solid new concept emerged, and eventually, it was back to business and doing what they do best, bringing businesses to the attention of their target market and providing great content for their followers.

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