Have you ever wondered where Shoo Social Media started? Or where the name Shoo came from? Then look no further. Today’s blog is all about the history of Shoo.


Shoo Social Media was founded in July of 2014 by the owners Rachel Hatfield and Chris Morris. The office building (pictured above, with Rachel and Chris outside on Shoo’s 6th birthday!) has been in Rachel’s family history for three generations and is still owned by the family now. 


It is located in Ben Rhydding, within the picturesque town of Ilkley, West Yorkshire. Rachel and Chris have always made it their aim to work closely with the local community, helping local businesses achieve their goals via the use of social media – so the location was key!

So why was Shoo established?

“We set-up Shoo to help people. So many people at the time needed support with social media back in 2013 and I found myself supporting people who needed help and advice…I also wanted to break the norm and believed that people didn’t need to commute to the city to work in an office – I thought there had to be a better way to balance my life between work and social. That was the reason why we founded the business” – Rachel Hatfield, CEO. 


Fun Fact: The quirky name was a play on words, based on Rachel’s obsession with designer shoes!


Shoo is now in its 7th year of running and has had some major achievements over the years. Let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable…

2015: The business started to grow and Chris left his full-time teaching job to pursue his career in entrepreneurship. Rachel then followed and together, they opened the office! 

2016: Shoo secured two huge contracts: one with York College to teach small businesses about social media marketing and the other with a large hotel franchise. 2016 was also when Fashion Fiesta was founded by Rachel and Chris – an opportunity to raise money for charity by showcasing amazing talent. This continues to be a success every year!

2017: Shoo won the Micro Business of the Year Award! This was a huge achievement for the business. 

2018: Rachel and Chris employed their first person.

2019: Mollie Phillips, who is now Shoo’s account executive, started working for the business in 2019, to help with client management and admin. 2019 also saw lots more interns start in ‘Shoo Academy’, which continues to help lots of aspiring marketers gain valuable experience!

2020: Mollie won the award for Apprentice of the Year for her help with Fashion Fiesta in 2019! Shoo also ran a digital conference consisting of 18 webinars in one week. This was a huge success considering the Covid-19 pandemic. 


History continues to be made at Shoo as a thriving business in the heart of Ilkley, helping clients manage their social media, giving interns valuable work experience and holding charity events every year like our very own Fashion Fiesta!


By Tara Krishan, Shoo Academy