Five top tips on using Instagram


Welcome to Shoo Social Media! Have you ever wanted to use Instagram, but just ended up confused as soon as you load the platform up on your mobile device? Well, keep on reading, because we have five top tips to cure your Instagram anxieties!

Finding Your Friends:

Do you ever want to share your beautifully crafted photos with friends and colleagues? Well, you can on Instagram! All you have to do is, click on the looking glass, type in their username and follow them by clicking ‘follow’. You can also do this for any celebrities and brands that you love, including Shoo Social Media! You can also sync your Facebook up with Instagram (if you want some tips on Facebook then click here to read our post). This simply means that Instagram will bring up all of your Facebook friends for you to follow on Instagram.


Do you love certain photos on Instagram, but, you never know how to ensure that the person creating the content knows that you’re enjoying it? Well, all you have to do is double tap on the photo that you’re loving the look of! This will ‘like’ the photo, which then the user that created it will get notified by. You can do this with anyone and everyone. If you do want to tell them why you love the photo, then all you have to do is comment on the photo!

Posting Your Own Conent:

We all, love to post a good inspirational post, even us here at Shoo! But, creating your own content is even better! This gives everyone that follows you a glimpse of what you love to take photos of. Creating your own content can increase the amount of likes that you achieve, which in turn can gain you more and more followers! If you want to increase your likes even further, why not hashtag your photo with things that everyone loves to search for!

Direct Messaging:

Messaging is always a great way to ensure that you know your followers that little bit more! If you click the little arrow at the top right of your screen, whilst on Instagram, this will take you to the Messaging Tab. You can then search for someone that you want to communicate with. Messaging is a great way to push your Social Media game that little bit further, even with other services such as Twitter. (Click here to read our top tips about Twitter.)

Instagram Stories:

What are Instagram Stories, you ask? Instagram Stories, is a new function on Instagram, where you can show your Followers what you are doing in a split second. They only last on Instagram for 24 hours compared to forever with posts on Instagram. You can even stream live on Instagram Stories, so if you want to show your followers things at the office, or, what a leaving party at your work looks like you can right there and then! See what your followers are doing on Instagram Stories, the next time you’re on the Social Media platform!

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Thanks for reading!