Five top tips for using Twitter


Welcome to Shoo Social Media. Have you ever wanted to use Twitter, but not know what to actually do on the Social Media platform? Well. today is your lucky day. These five top tips on Twitter will ensure that your Twitter game is on point!

Taking Twitter On The Go:

Did you know that you can take Twitter on the go, via downloading the app onto your Phone? All you have to do, is to go onto your phones App Store, search for Twitter and click Download. This means that if you want to tweet, whilst you’re shopping, or, even walking to work then you can do! Gone are the days, where you had to remember about what you wanted to Tweet when you arrived home to your computer!


Some people do forget that you can message others on Twitter. (Are you reading this and thinking, I didn’t know that? Comment down below and tell us at Shoo why!) To message someone, all you have to do is, click the envelope icon on Twitter, think of who you would love to message and start typing away. Messages can bring people together, but it can also help to answer messages as Twitter is full of brands and celebrities.


Have you seen someones Tweet on Twitter and wanted to share it but you didn’t know how to? Well, keep reading on! Retweeting is the way to share content on Twitter to your followers. You can share anything from a tweet about wanting to renovate their home, to, photos and videos of the location being renovated. Instagram and Facebook are also great Social Media platforms to share photos on. Click here to read our Facebook Top Tips, and, here to read our Instagram Top Tips.)


Ensure that you’re following everyone that you want to by clicking the follow button on the desired profiles. This could be anyone, from your favourite influencer, to, your favourite musician, all the way to the new to the new restaurant that’s opened down the road from your work. If you want to declutter your Twitter too, you can click the follow button again to unfollow any of your followers!


Some of you may not know, Twitter recently changed their character limit from 140 to 280 characters. This means that you now have double the amount of characters to tweet about your day! Make use of the 280 characters and tell everyone on your feed all about your stories and life! Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for reading!