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Do you know how to use Facebook, but would love to make sure that your Facebook game is at the best level that it can be? Then keep on reading, as, today’s post is all about, Shoo Social Media’s ‘Five Top Tips On Using Facebook.

Facebook Live:
What is Facebook Live, you ask? Facebook Live is a tool that anyone can use on Facebook, to stream live content to their friends. You can use your phone or computer to, stream a live conversation, about anything from, how to cook something, too, how to use Facebook Messenger. You can also watch other Facebook Live’s and communicate via the comments section. For example, a brand is running a Facebook Live about a new product. You could comment and get a live response on how much it will cost.

Facebook’s messaging service ‘Messenger’ can help you get to grips with Facebook a little bit more as you can talk to friends, about problems that you’re having with the Social Media site and get a quick response. Messenger also shows you when particular friends are online which means that you’re not getting anxious on replies, when needing help with something. It also has a feature where you can embed your friends into Messenger, so if you can’t get in touch with someone via mobile, and you need to contact them ASAP, then you can via Messenger.

We all love posting photos on Facebook, right? Do you ever want to post a photo of your dog, or, food but you’re unsure on what to do? Well, this tip is for you. When you upload your photo onto Facebook, you can actually click onto the photo to ensure that it’s perfect. This can include cropping certain things out of the background, brightening it, adding a filter to make it pop and much more. You can also then use the comments to get your friends to talk about the photo. You can also use Instagram to sync up your photos so that they also go onto Facebook, (If you want to know some good tips for Instagram, then, read our post here.)

Group Video Calls: 
You can create Group Video Calls via Facebook, just like you can do with other websites such as Skype. What’s better about creating one on Facebook? you ask? Well, with Facebook, you don’t need to add 20 different usernames to make sure you can call them. If you already have them on Facebook then you can add and call them. Creating group video calls means that you can talk to everyone at the same time, but, it also means that you can talk to family, friends, and others that may be located in different countries around the World.

Keep Updated With Brands:
You can follow brands on Facebook, by, liking their pages. Ensuring that you do this means that you don’t miss out especially if you’ve heard that something new is arriving to the world soon, that you want to know about. Liking their page means that you also get a glance on seeing what the brand is like personally. A great page to follow, is always Shoo Social Media, as you get to see that we love to share professional content, but at the same time, we love to share content about our beautiful Dog! You can also follow your favourite brands and people on Twitter. (If you wanna find out how to do that then click here to read our top tips on a Twitter post.)

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