Five reasons why you should use Instagram to promote your business

Why use Instagram? Instagram could be considered the best platform for engaging both new and existing followers. With over one billion users, Instagram is a must have for you and your business, here’s why…


Instagram’s Live streaming feature allows users to stream live from their phone or another device directly to their followers. The feature allows fans and followers to connect to brands and stars on a more personal level by having interactions with them through questions and comments. As well as questions and comments, Instagram Live allows the streamer to invite viewers to join them on the stream in a split-screen format that allows the viewer and the streamer to have a direct interaction, which, again, creates a closer connection between followers and the brand. In terms of the content used on Instagram Live, brands can show behind the scenes content in order to align the brand and its followers. Also, it is common for brands to create limited time offers for the followers that are interacting with their Instagram platform, thus rewarding their loyal followers. These kinds of benefits shouldn’t be overlooked as they generate new leads and business for brands.

Influencers: paid promotion 

Since Instagram has the best audience engagement, it allows brands to reach new audiences quickly. Through using paid promotion, it allows businesses to utilise influencers wide social media platforms which many have. With the growing movement of influencers many look to them for what’s current, due to fears of missing the next big thing. Therefore, through influencers posting advertisements it drives traffic towards your page, resulting in further custom from content not posted directly on your page. Using this feature increases brand awareness and helps maximise your follower base. 

Direct Messaging

Another benefit of using Instagram is direct messaging, which allows users to create chat groups with up to fifteen users. A direct message or a ‘DM’ is a private form of communication between social media users. This is an important way of promoting your business as direct messaging allows users to send messages, pictures, voice notes and videos at no extra charge. Professional accounts will have a blue tick to confirm the account is genuine and has been verified so your followers know that they are messaging a true account. Direct messaging helps businesses provide better customer service as they can promptly send and receive messages, enhancing your business to client relationship. Building a strong relationship with customers is important for ensuring their lifetime value to the company and its products. 


Promoting your business can also be done through the Instagram Story feature. You can use this function to run a promotional advert or campaign, teasing followers with exclusive content. You can send your followers straight to your website through a swipe up link, making accessing your website and its products practically effortless. Recently, many business accounts have been introducing the idea of competitions on their stories in order to boost the popularity of the brand. This can be done by sharing, liking and commenting on particular posts on your Instagram account, in order to win special prizes. The Story feature also allows your brand to be creative, as the app offers an array of editing features when adding to your story. Instagram Stories also offer a polling and rating feature, enabling businesses to interact with their audiences and gain feedback from their followers.

Tagged Products

Instagram has recently launched a shoppable feature within the app whereby eligible businesses are able to promote their products through direct tagging in their posts. The feature allows for potential customers who browse your page, to click on the tag which will take them to a landing page, where they are able to purchase the product without even leaving the app. This simple feature allows for more accessible buying and browsing, then with any luck, leading to an increase in purchases due to its convenience. Tagging of your products can also be used by other eligible business accounts or in paid partnership with Instagram influencers, further spreading the awareness of your brand. Instagram allows you to add up to five products on a single post and enables customers to view information such as the price and description, making this feature an advertising game changer. Now your followers can be inspired, browse and buy without even leaving the app!

Convinced? We at Shoo believe that Instagram is essential for your business. So, download Instagram and you’ll see the differences in no time at all.