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Facebook Ads Manager: The definitive guide

Did you know that over three million businesses around the world use Facebook to market and advertise themselves? Or that around 125 million people use Instagram on a daily basis?

If you want to get people to see the products, solutions or services your company offers, you really cannot afford to avoid social media; it is where engaged people tend to hang out when they are online, and these platforms provide the ideal opportunity to get in front of millions of people quickly and easily. Facebook and Instagram advertising can both be incredibly beneficial to your business, but today we’re going to focus solely on Facebook.

Facebook ads

When it comes to advertising via Facebook, it requires more than simply the creation of an infographic, video or alluring piece of content; you need to be fully aware of how best to reach the most appropriate audience, how to make ads that truly work, and how you can track success.

To this end, Facebook Ads Manager is an absolutely vital tool, and this guide has been designed to ensure you can use this particular tool effectively and efficiently.

How to begin

The first thing you need is to be able to access the advertisement management portal. To do this you need to log in to your company’s Facebook page and select ‘Manage Ads’ from the drop-down menu; you will then be able to see an overview of current and past adverts, and you will also be able to quickly manage your advertisement settings, plans and schedules.

Give your team access

The next step is to ensure that everyone who needs access to the ads account is able to log on and carry out the relevant tasks. This can easily be done via the ‘Account Roles’ section. Assign the correct roles to the right people and you’ll be good to go.

Creating ads

There are numerous buttons, sections and metrics that can be viewed within the Facebook Ads portal, but it makes little sense to list them all here; you should navigate the website yourself, become familiar with the layout, and then understand what area(s) you are most likely to require going forward. It is incredibly unlikely that you will need to make use of them all.

The idea of creating ads may seem daunting but, in actual fact, it’s very easy to get to grips with. Start by selecting the button that says ‘Create Ad’ and then choose the relevant campaign goal (this will generally be promoting your company page or highlighting a particular product or service).

The real skill here is using the correct copy that will draw people’s eyes and encourage them to click. It is certainly worth your time writing any content into a Word document rather than just typing it directly into the ad post, as this will enable you to proofread it, and will also give you a better idea of how it will look to the consumer. This will dramatically reduce the number of times you will have to amend your posts, but it is worth noting that should you ever need to edit an ad, this can certainly be done.

Defining the details

Once you understand the advert you want to post and what you want it to achieve, you need to ensure that you don’t overspend while also guaranteeing you can reach the people that will find your post valuable. This will often require a lot of trial and error, but by tinkering with ad placement, spend, publication schedule and target audience, as well as by monitoring your reports, you will be able to make the most effective decisions in both the short- and long-term.


It is absolutely worth having some certain goals – reach, spend, clicks, website visits – even if they are very rough objectives. These can be redefined over time, so don’t worry if they are wildly off at the outset. By keeping track of your reports, and then modifying your ads – in terms of content, tone and overall message – you will be able to see what content best engages your audience.

The amount of data Facebook stores in relation to ad performance is incredibly extensive, so it may be worth figuring out the metrics that matter most to you and your team, and focusing predominantly on them. This information can then be saved down into files (if you want to send them to other people or put them in a report, for example) and can also be put into charts to make the data easier to read. This can also be done if you want to better understand key features regarding your audience and their behaviours.

Additional things to note

It is absolutely worth exploring Facebook’s Creative Hub website to see an array of ad templates and formats, and also to get the latest information around what works well, what doesn’t, and what changes are being made to the Facebook Ads section.

It is also important to remember that Facebook Ads is being modified and enhanced all the time, so to see the best results over time, it pays to keep track and keep learning.

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The new age of staycations Thu, 30 Jul 2020 19:15:44 +0000 The post The new age of staycations appeared first on Shoo Social Media.


The new age of staycations

Caravan and holiday parks in England have perhaps seen one of the biggest transformations in the last ten years in the wake of the digital age of enlightenment. Like any other period in time, new technologies lead to new opportunities, and this is no exception. With the rise of image-led social media platforms like Instagram, and Facebook servicing local enterprises with event and business pages, it is now even easier to find that perfect spot in the country for your getaway. Gone are the days of expensive environmentally harmful glossy brochures that would surely be out of date and thrown away the following year, and hello to the new age of self promotion (at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the environmental deficit) on the lucrative virtual space that is social media. So called self-service marketing is ‘the new black’ when it comes to promoting your business in the country. Tripadvisor allows holiday parks to be compared and rated, with a host of information and reviews available for all manner of places. As is always the case when public rating is concerned, mixed responses are yielded, but there is no denying that service-led industries have been revolutionised by this online tool. 

There is no denying that reality television, although painful for some, has contributed to the rising demands of the British holiday trend ‘glamping’. More often than not, holiday parks in Britain’s countryside offer everything from caravans, glamping and good old tent pitching escapism. With the click of a button, a whole nation can be made aware of the options available at any of the many holiday parks in England. 

The online space hosts a world of opportunities for caravan and holiday parks, with easily updatable websites, and platforms that allow you to share content with the masses, from inspiring images of the country, to delectable interiors of caravans and glamping pods. The power an online post holds for the public is more salient than ever, with trips to parks being based wholly on the ‘did you see that picture online of those camping pods?’ notion. The country is often fully segregated from city life, but with the online domain, the two worlds are now heartily connected and offer the opportunity to glide between metropolis and rural life as easy as a click of a button…well, almost.

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working from home Wed, 22 Jul 2020 16:23:26 +0000 The post working from home appeared first on Shoo Social Media.


Working from home through a designers eyes

Cienna shares her thoughts.

Working from home during a pandemic and life through a designers eyes.

Cienna Wajsowicz-Harrison

Graphic Designer, Shoo Academy

Working from home

Shoo Social Media LTD
137 Bolling Road
Ben Rhydding
Ilkley Leeds
LS29 8PN

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What is Facebook Business Manager, and why should I use it? Wed, 22 Jul 2020 14:41:20 +0000 The post What is Facebook Business Manager, and why should I use it? appeared first on Shoo Social Media.


What is Facebook Business Manager, and why should I use it?

Facebook Business Manager is a free tool developed by Facebook designed to help businesses to manage their Facebook pages without having to tie them to a specific personal Facebook account.

Not only does this make a Facebook business page easier and more convenient to manage, it also boosts security and makes the page harder to hack into. It also keeps business and personal Facebook pages completely separate.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager is a management system which allows businesses to keep all of their Facebook page management tools in one place, separate to all personal accounts. Not only is this a more convenient way to access and manage your business’s Facebook pages, it’s also safer.

If you create a Facebook page for your business without using Facebook Business Manager, you’ll always be required to sign in to your personal page to access the business page, and giving other staff members access to the page is fraught with security concerns.

If a staff member with access to your business page leaves the company, they could take your business page, Facebook advertising account, and online community with them. Creating a Business Manager account is the best way to mitigate these risks and streamline your Facebook marketing processes at the same time.

Why is Facebook Business Manager important?

Spending a little time to set up a Facebook Business Manager account means you can keep your business page safe, secure, and separate. It’s effectively a management system under which all of your Facebook business assets – including your business Facebook page and your advertising account – are held.

With Business Manager, you can grant access to staff members and add external agencies to your account easily and conveniently, giving different personnel different levels of access. You can also manage multiple Facebook pages and ad accounts from the same Business Manager, which is invaluable if your business has multiple branches or pages set up.

As an added bonus, Facebook Business Manager even offers tools to help you manage and streamline your Facebook business pages including valuable pixel data, a custom audience builder, business level insights and reporting, and a spend threshold manager.

How to get Facebook Business Manager?

First, make sure the person who sets up the Facebook Business Manager account is the right person for the job; for most companies, the account should be set up by the company’s primary admin. This could be the Marketing Manager or the CEO, depending on the size of the company.

This person will need a personal Facebook profile in order to create a Business Manager account; this is just to confirm their identity but it won’t be connected to the Business Manager account in any significant way.

Next, go to the Business Manager homepage ( and click ‘create account’ to get started. It’s a simple process and requires just a few short pages of information about your business to set up. After this, you can start adding your Facebook business pages, ad account, and granting access to your employees.

Facebook Business Manager is free, easy to set up, and endlessly helpful – there really is no reason not to use it.

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Use social media ad campaigns to kick the COVID-19 blues Sat, 20 Jun 2020 10:48:00 +0000 The post Use social media ad campaigns to kick the COVID-19 blues appeared first on Shoo Social Media.


Use social media ad campaigns to kick the COVID-19 blues

Many retail business owners are currently facing up to a new commercial landscape in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Things might not be the same again, but currently, we are busy adjusting to the short term.

One thing is for sure, online shopping businesses are better placed than high street stores during the lockdown. Are you a physical retailer which is considering extending your online presence into e-commerce? If you are, you’ll need a penetrative online campaign to get you started, and which better way to target the right audience than with a social media ad campaign?

From Facebook to Instagram advertising, there are plenty of platforms which allow you to reach the target customer base you need to. But will your campaign deliver value and help to drive visitors to your e-commerce site? What we are going to do in this blog is give you some key tips to execute the best ad campaign for a burgeoning e-commerce business.

1. Get showcasing

If you are selling products online, you’ll need to shout from the rooftops about your product range. Use all the tools available to you to ensure your audience gets a feel for the breadth of your product collection. On Facebook, you can now use multi-product ads in order to display several products within a single frame. This gives digital shopping customers the chance to click on multiple products. Alternatively, you might use the space to display several benefits of a single product.

2. Dynamic product ads

Unlike some forms of print and display advertising, with campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, you needn’t ‘hit and hope’. Take Facebook’s Dynamic Ads Feature – it allows you to upload your entire product catalogue, which can then be targeted at specific customer depending on their buying behaviour.

3. Drill down demographics

Facebook advertising is also an example of a social media channel which offers ample opportunities for targeting your buyer personas. Whether you are looking for the meticulous mother or the spontaneous student – Facebook allows you to direct ads to different audiences divided by their age, sex, interests and geographical location.

4. Target abandoned carts

One early problem which you might find when shifting your business online is the tendency for customers to put items in their cart and then abandon it. This is a very common pattern of behaviour, but unlike a physical shop, you aren’t there to point them in the right direction. For this purpose, retargeting ads can work a treat, giving you the opportunity to jog their memory and remind them about a planned purchase. This is a useful way of bumping up your conversions.

Just like opening a physical shop – your e-commerce customer base might not expand overnight. But with social media ad campaigns which are run correctly, you can ensure that you are getting the best value from your ad spend. Rather than dive in with a big budget, you should concentrate on a testing phase which identifies the campaigns that offer you the most conversions. Happy hunting!

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The positives of working from home by Matilda #TeamShoo

At the moment it is easy to find negativity, all we need to do is switch on the television for all of 5 minutes or even just think about how we haven’t been able to go to the supermarket without engaging in a high stakes game of socially distanced human Tetris. So I think that looking for the positives is important these days. We need to rally together and fight the negativity. Take a few minutes to think of some positives. I’ll start you off.  

Here are a few of the positives that I have found when working from home: 

  1. No commute; This is the positive that keeps giving positives! 
    • You don’t have to get up as early to go to work 
    • You save money on petrol and public transport tickets 
    • You don’t have the stress of the inevitable train delay or surprise roadworks on your route in 
    • It’s more environmentally friendly 
    • At the end of the day when you tired from all your hard work, you don’t have to travel for ages to get home, you can just go straight to the fridge and get a G&T. 
  2. No set working hours; We are no longer bound by the shackles of the 9-5! (or 10-4, in my case) If you are a morning person you can work at 5:00 am or if your work juices flow from 9:00 pm onwards then you can do that to. We have the flexibility to shape the day in whatever way we choose!
  3. No dress code; Every day can be casual Friday when you are working from home. Why not go wild? Wetsuit Wednesday’s anyone?
  4. Higher productivity; without office distractions, it’s a lot easier to race through your work and get more done. However, I do miss the procrastination discussion of if you were an animal what would you be? 

Although recognising and exploiting these positives has given much joy over the last few months. There is one more positive that have enjoyed the most. However, it does need some explaining so bear with me. 

I began my internship at Shoo last October as the events coordinator. Since starting I have had the opportunity to organise many events; such as networking events, charity fashion shows and most recently a digital conference. However in recent months, like in all industries, everything has changed. I’m going to level with you here… the idea of social distancing never boded well for the events industry. However, this conundrum leads me on to my next positive. 

  1. I get to be more creative; working from home presents problems and challenges that I would not usually face in times of normalcy. This gives Shoo the opportunity to be creative in the way that we tackle these problems. For example, how do you hold an event without anyone leaving their house?  

These past few months have been difficult, as I have said before we are surrounded by negativity. However, this does not mean that we should give into it. Looking for the positives is important and appreciating the positives is important. 

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working from home by Mollie Thu, 23 Apr 2020 12:23:46 +0000 The post working from home by Mollie appeared first on Shoo Social Media.


Working from home by Mollie #TeamShoo

Like most of the country, Shoo closed the office on Monday 23rd March and suddenly we were all thrown into the world of working from home. Now I’m into week three of #WFH here is why I’ve found working for a digital company the absolute best. 

My first ‘official’ day working from home was Tuesday 24th March which was also the day that the UK was put into full lockdown. Working from my laptop was fine, we base all our work from Google Drive so it was quick to set up work on that first morning which has made the following two weeks less stressful than I thought they were going to be. The only problem I did come across was the 3 other people in my house, two of which were not working from home and couldn’t understand that when I said, I was working, I was working and I wasn’t just sitting in bed bingeing the latest Netflix original series. 

As a team, we have found new ways to communicate with each other, instead of talking to each other across the office we now use Google Hangout, Gmail’s own version of messenger, which has cut down on so many emails. We have been scheduling regular Google Hangout meetings between the team, same time, same place, every week to keep some routine. This gives us time to talk about client work, and make sure we are all on the same page and are working at the same pace which has really helped so we don’t ‘tangle the wires’. 

I am now into week 4 of working from home so I have racked my brain for some #WFM tips and some little things that I have done to help me whilst working from home. 

  1. Bookmark your key websites/page/files onto your search bar. This makes things 100 times easier when you open your laptop/computer in the morning especially if you’re working from a personal computer or laptop. I have bookmarked our main scheduling app, key folders in Google Drive and the Events logistics sheets. 
  2. Get dressed, don’t wear PJ’s especially if you’re working from a bedroom (you’ll just slowly float back over to your bed magically and end up calling it a day) Getting back into bed in a pair of jeans is not that comfortable, trust me, I’ve tried it. Get dressed! 
  3. Have some background noise, so why would cut it out? I normally put on some music or some podcasts. Even the TV is great to have on quietly. It doesn’t seem to fill in the gap of Blue the office dog wandering around but it does help with the eerie silence. 
  4. You are not going to work your normal 9 – 5 even if you try your hardest. I have found myself going on a walk after lunch and then working late afternoon till early evening. In the current climate every ounce of normality has gone out the window, so don’t push yourself to work a 9-5 like you would in the office.

I hope working from home is going well for you if you are #WFH, join in the conversation with us over on Twitter, @shoosocial @Mollie_FP #WFH 

My working from home pose!

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing for your Business Wed, 15 Apr 2020 16:05:18 +0000 The post Benefits of Social Media Marketing for your Business appeared first on Shoo Social Media.


Benefits of Social Media Marketing for your Business

Social media is a great tool that can be used for several different purposes. One reason why social media is so great is the positivity it can have with increasing your brand’s success. YOU can use social media to benefit you and your business, and the great thing about advertising on social media Is that it can be FREE!

Here at Shoo we’ve compiled some of the most popular benefits of social media marketing.

Increase your brand awareness
Using social media as one of your strategies to market your brand will reach a broader range of consumers, which will in turn increase your brand recognition. To increase your brand awareness online, all you need to do is make your own social media profile and start interacting with other users. If you can, try encouraging friends, employees and business partners to like, comment or share your posts which will increase your audience reach.


Cost effective
Social media is one of the most cost-efficient marketing strategies that a business can have. Creating your own social media profile is free on all major social media platforms. Posting videos, images and stories are also free and can reach many consumers. There is also the option to invest in paid promotions, which lets you reach an even larger amount of people as the platform targets consumers who the algorithm thinks will benefit from your product. That said, the cost for paid advertisements is still significantly lower compared to other advertising tactics.


Stay connected to customers
Social media platforms allow you to directly access existing customers or even potential customers without relying on other channels. You can connect to customers about your new services, products or any news that you want to share. Staying connected with your customers helps you strengthen customer loyalty. Frequent engagement with customers through one to one conversation can improve your services.


We previously mentioned that investing in paid advertisement allows your advert to target consumers that will benefit from your business. With these services, that are not possible with traditional media forms, you can save money by advertising on social media as it will target consumers who are of the sex, age or economic situation that best suits your target consumer. This means the possibility of a successful advert is higher, as you can be assured that it will target the right consumer, meaning the potential sale will be more likely.


Check your advertisement progress
Using traditional media forms as a marketing strategy limits you in many ways. One of these ways is the lack of tracking the progress of the campaign. Social media platforms allow you to track the progress of the app, such as how many shares, likes, views and how many people it has reached. You can also use different websites to check the traffic flow to your website or Social media platform. This can give you a big indicator as to how successful your campaign is, giving you a good insight into whether investing into social media marketing was a good move. It can also give you feedback to improve for your next campaign.

Have any of these tips interested you to develop a social media marketing strategy? Contact Shoo today, and we can help you build your social media campaign. 

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Instagram is an impressive, idealistic and imperative force for any doubtful generation X business owners. Wed, 15 Apr 2020 15:19:55 +0000 The post Instagram is an impressive, idealistic and imperative force for any doubtful generation X business owners. appeared first on Shoo Social Media.


Instagram is an impressive, idealistic and imperative force for any doubtful generation X business owners.

Here are 4 incredible features Instagram offers that will surely boost your business to the echelons of success! 

1.User generated content 

We, humans, are very visual creatures, and pictures and images can deliver more information than a three hundred word review can ever be able to. At around 90% of all information transmitted to the human brain is through visual content! According to Power reviews e-commerce report, over 70% of shoppers seek out user generated content of a product before purchasing it. This is a cost free way to advertise your product and highlights the natural tendencies humans have to assess something before committing to the item. User generated content is considered natural and realistic. Many customers prefer this unedited format of an item, that hasn’t been tampered with. Many brands airbrush and heavily distort the real version of their products, which makes it come across as fake. This realistic portrayal of an item may also reduce the rates of unhappy customers returning their items due to catfishing.

2.Discovery Page

Just under 81% of all of the 500 million daily Instagram users follow a business according to their interest, and just over 70% of users have said they have gone on to purchase a product directly from Instagram. Thanks to the attention grabbing discovery page, users get to indulge in a collage of interests based on their activity on what they like and share. Just over 58% of all Instagram users are reportedly to find new businesses on their explore page. The explore page showcases videos and also the unique IGTV feature.

3.Instagram Story Ads 

Product tags are clicked on by over 88 million Instagram users every single month. Instagram ads can appear on the discovery page and on the top of your story viewing tab. The ads are normally for brands that customers have an interest in already due to aforementioned before, such as user activity.  Links such as ‘shop now’ and ‘see details’ are all almost impossible for users to ignore.  

4.CTA call-to-actions 

CTAs is an ideal technique that can massively flourish under all social media marketing platforms, particularly within Instagram. Engagement CTA is directly telling your customers to engage in your content by triggering an action. A caption phrase such as ‘The one word to describe this new plant pot is…’ is a fantastic way for the brand to see if their customers are just passive viewers of their content or actively engage in it. Another example could be posting two images and ask the audience to use two different emojis to signal which one they prefer. The other form of CTA is ‘link in the bio’. Simply post a short paragraph about your brand’s product with a link to an alternative website where your brand can reap more benefits out of your customers.

These are a handful of great benefits Instagram offers. Generation X users can rapidly blend into the new decade by embracing the ease of marketing through Instagram. Through clear and concise instructions, new users can navigate with confidence immediately.

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Top Tips for Business Productivity and Organisation during the COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Produce small but beneficial goals: Setting yourself up to be organised is key. It’s important before every work session that you outline what your realistic goals are for the day. This way, you can segment a logical way of thinking and get the job done efficiently! Being organised the night before can also be useful for this. Although brainstorming ideas can be helpful, don’t overwork yourself prior to the task at hand. Producing small lists or tables to keep organised and therefore decipher which tasks need focussing on, by order of importance, can prove advantageous in the world of business; this is particularly key during the isolation period (regarding COVID-19).

2. Ensure you take breaks: Previous studies have shown that working in 30-minute timeslots proves to be far more productive and effective than hourly long sessions of work. It has been shown that working in volumes of this time can increase concentration levels and bring valuable results. Our workspaces are limited at the moment, so anything from a 20-minute walk in your local area (maintaining social distance from other individuals) to a 5-minute coffee making session can really boost the use of constructive and critical thinking throughout your working day. At Shoo, we utilise the right number of breaks to keep a healthy balance in and outside of the office, boosting productivity and organisation for our team.

3. Batch process: Increased productivity comes through prioritisation. Selecting just three things to do in any working session will help you move smoothly from task A to B in a cohesive way without any complexities. By grouping and binding similar tasks together, you reduce the limitation of distractions (by not answering non-important emails and calls). At Shoo, we encourage this way of multitasking and have seen our own business reap up the benefits from complying with this momentum. If the workload seems more than necessary, disperse and delegate tasks to other members of your team to allow the batch process to run fluently.

4. Eliminate any distractions: Remote working within your family home during the pandemic can prove difficult with many distractions surrounding you. One way to remain focused and motivated is selecting the appropriate workspace. Perhaps you have a home office… if not, why not set one up? Utilise your home and the space you have accessible to create privacy and to work in a way that’s effective. Reward yourself with breaks as previously mentioned and utilise any resources around you (such as news output, books that you may not have thought about previously) to help create a tenacious mindset by using primary resources, rather than secondary. Additionally, muting notifications of your social media apps and personal emails can also assist an increased focus.

5. Finalise and organise: This tip is more of an obvious perspective and ties all the previous four tips together. Ensure that you’ve reached your goals for the working session and have come to a significant conclusion of which tasks need to be accomplished next in relation to deadlines. Frequently measure your own progress and the success of your team. This way, you eliminate any obstacles that may occur and can set out the next steps that are necessary to take. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that building our connections with business partners and associates can be worrying. Considering this, let’s file and organise effectively to implement business as usual.

At Shoo, we offer an array of business and marketing approaches that can really assist your productivity and organisational skills. Join us through our website, where we can offer you the tools and abilities to elevate your business through difficult times like these. We want to give you business as usual with the confidence and means to move upwards. See our website for more:

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