Fashion Fiesta 2021



We use our Fashion Shows as an opportunity for growth for all parties involved. Everyone from our sponsors, to those competing, to those organising has the opportunity to grow. We also donate money raised at the show to chosen charities.

Founder Rachel Hatfield and Chris Morris have been running this show alongside operating their Social Media Marketing business in West Yorkshire, UK. The show is a real passion project, and Shoo is proud to be associated with the show coming into it’s sixth successful year. Learn more about the show:

Shoo Social Media is proud to continue their role as a headline sponsor for Fashion Fiesta 2020. This year Fashion Fiesta will take place virtually as a result of COVID-19, however, Fashion Fiesta has featured a full week of digital content in the run up to the main online event on their social media accounts. 

On the week commencing 23rd of November Fashion Fiesta’s social media accounts were flooded with digital content featuring the show’s very own 2015-2019 Alumni. The week ended on Thursday 26th of November with a live-streamed round-table discussion of paramount importance – the future of fashion sustainability. 

This discussion brought together leading industry experts to air thoughts on the future of fashion. The expert panel included: Suzy Shepard from Future Fashion Factory, Rob Greenland from Zero Waste Leeds, Josie Warden and Nat Ortiz from the Royal Society of Arts, Michelle Marks from Coral Mountain, Rachel Peru – model, Corinne Coolican – owner of Cooli by Corinne and Mollie Phillips, Rachel Hatfield, Libby Dunne, Ahroob Jabbar, Gilda Smith-Leigh and Jenny Higgins from Team Fashion Fiesta. 

Fashion Fiesta is a vibrant showcase of unmatched talent and this year’s focus is on the expanding importance of fashion sustainability. Shoo Social Media is a company dedicated to both inform and educate, which is why this partnership with Fashion Fiesta is so valuable. Fashion Fiesta supports its alumni by not only offering opportunities to showcase their talent but also network with different people in various industries. 

Fashion Fiesta’s Events Manager Mollie Phillips comments, “Fashion Fiesta is a really unique show where you can meet creatives but also people who will further your career later on. I don’t think there’s a lot of shows like this around the North and Leeds area.” Shoo Social Media recognises the importance of offering opportunity to up-and-coming talent, which is why it is keen to support an event that prioritises talented creatives in the local community. Fashion Fiesta’s relationship with its past alumni does not end with each year of participation, all are welcomed back each year to offer help and advice to new talent and further expand connections. 

Fashion Fiesta is an event that brings Ilkley community together through creative mediums that are themselves rooted with diversity and imagination that transcend time and age. Shoo Social Media considers events such as Fashion Fiesta an essential element to the Ilkley community. It not only helps professionals grow their network and experience but ignites a sense of unity and community spirit that especially in a year such as 2020 is sorely needed. 

Fashion Fiesta is designed to be an inclusive and co-operative event, as co-founder Rachel Hatfield comments: “Fashion Fiesta is an inclusive platform to help people grow and develop their careers/and or business. It’s a platform that allows businesses to connect with each other, collaborate and network.” 

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