Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is by far one of the most popular social media platforms and has developed beyond solely being social networking tool. Facebook is now widely used by businesses for strategic marketing campaigns, as a means to reach their desired target audience. Facebook paid advertising is becoming an important part of social media advertising and is much more cost effective than Google advertising campaigns, particularly in a digital age when traditional advertising is evolving.

By using Facebook advertising, your business can reach people in their social environment during their social activities and Facebook ads enable social recommendation through likes and comments. Users Location, gender, age, education etc. are highly targeted, therefore Facebook ads are personalised and micro targeted. Furthermore, you can also create highly personalised messages to your Facebook audience.

Brand Development

Social media advertising is very different from any other ad buying. Quality content is more cost effective to promote than average content. 

At Shoo our dedicated Facebook and Instagram specialists carefully pair your target demographic with real-time optimisation matching and exceeding your business goals.

Integrating this with our content marketing package you will receive the full impact of the Shoo Intellisocial approach. Many businesses have seen reductions in their cost per engagement.

Before investing in any social media advertising, it is essential our company understands your business and its marketing goals. We always ensure that we have a free strategy call with you to understand your business so that our team can work with your business to effectively carry out your social media marketing.


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