How users can prepare their Facebook ad account for the IOS update


Our previous article focused on the digital war between Facebook and Apple and the impact of Apple’s new IOS14 update for Facebook ads. This time, we want to prepare you ahead of the new IOS14 update, for upcoming changes on their Facebook ad account. Should IOS14 users choose to opt-out of Facebook tracking ads personalization and performance reporting will be limited across app and web conversion events. How can you prepare for these changes? Well, Listen carefully. If you think simplicity is key, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s go through how users can prepare their Facebook ad account for the IOS changes in a very simple way.


Verifying your domain

Firstly, you would have to verify your domain in the Facebook business manager under Brand Safety>Domains.

This step should be prioritized, especially for those who have multiple businesses. 


Configuring your events

The next step is to configure your events. Here’s how you do it: 

  1. Go to the Events Manager in your Facebook Ads Manager
  2.  Select your pixel, go to the Aggregated Event Measurement tab and click Configured Web Events
  3. Select your domain in the Web Event Configurations section
  4. You then click on Edit Events and assign your events from highest to lowest priority

Always remember, Facebook can only send one event post-click and this will always select the highest prioritized event. Once the IOS14 privacy update occurs, these changes can eventually impact ad sets, which results in ads being paused for up to 72 hours. This ensures that the changes can take effect.


Custom Conversions 

Custom conversions can still be used however, these would have to form part of your conversion events. You have to create a custom conversion and then make sure that this is in Business Settings -> Data Sources -> Custom Conversions. You would also need to copy the ID of the custom conversion and add it manually.

As you would expect, the new IOS14 update would mean that businesses won’t be able to collect as much data as before as they would be restricted to a shorter data storing window. As marketers, we need to adapt to certain changes and it is all about being smart and creative when adapting to those changes. Marketers would need to ensure that they can capture and own customer data early in a marketing funnel. That way, this whole process won’t be annoying nor intrusive. We’ve already endured a difficult one and half year with the pandemic. Let’s not complicate matters further now, shall we?

I believe this is as simple as I can put it. Remember, it’s best to act upon changes early so we can complete this process quickly and effectively.

Written by Eessa Amin, Shoo Academy.