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Providing innovative and technical social media marketing, designed to get results. At Shoo we are constantly giving back, offering advice, giving tips and sharing best practice, with an aim to develop and grow your business. Our specialist expertise in Facebook Advertising will ensure your business successfully engages its ideal target audience and gets them to take action.

Social media can equal time, but no sales!

Many businesses report that they are highly active on social media channels without getting any discernible advantages.

Facebook ads strategy with tangible business benefits

Using our extensive experience and expertise we can create advertising strategy for your business that solves all of these issues. Your company will see measurable results from paid social media activities that are proven to work.

Building confirmed leads and a strong digital profile

The result will be increased engagement with your target audiences, more traffic to your website and an increase in sales.

The most powerful advertising tool ever invented

Talk directly to your target audiences around the clock.

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 We can build your lead generation, carve your commercial advantage and protect your brand and reputation.


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To achieve a good return on investment (ROI) from Facebook and Instagram advertising, you must have a clear set of goals and a tactical approach. 

Media buying

Maximising your ROI pivots on having the expertise to know where – and when – to place social media ads.


Getting enough traffic to your eCommerce website is a start. Just as important, is making sure you get the RIGHT traffic.


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Make Your Own Opportunities

Our initial strategy session with you allows us to fully understand your businesses marketing goals while allowing us an opportunity to set key milestones and key performance indicators for each campaign. We will also track your businesses progress using data intelligence, gathered from the Facebook Pixel installed on your website. This allows us to fully understand and anticipate the behaviour, likes and interests of your target audience. Each Facebook Advertising package includes monthly reports; allowing for discussion to ensure our campaign is meeting objectives. Furthermore, it also allows us to optimise and change your strategy based on the intelligence we gather and move with agility to improve results.


Pricing models for every need

At Shoo, we offer a bespoke Facebook Advertising package that is tailored to your business. First, we will develop a strategy with your business in mind in order to ensure your success.