Social Media: the Holy Grail of Events Marketing

Want the 411 on ‘what the hell is social media marketing?’ Check out our blog below with the ‘how to’ market your events online!

So, you have a really great event in mind? You have a solid plan, logistics, safety, schedules, they’re all done. But how do you get people to show up? After all that is the most important part of events, people being there!

Social Media has transformed the way events are put together and marketed, making the ‘reach’ of events far wider and less expensive than before. It goes without saying that the ‘old fashioned’ way of promoting events is less effective and well, frankly ‘vintage’.

Unless you have been in hibernation for the past decade, I think it can be agreed that the first place to start is a Facebook page. Facebook events pages are the quickest way to get your event out and in the public domain. Facebook pages are a great way to get visual with your event, with images and information letting the world know what your event is about. IF your event is ticketed, use sites like Eventbrite to host your ticket purchases, and link this between your online pages so people don’t have to struggle to find out how to buy tickets!

Now that your event is planned, you have a public facebook page and a way for people to buy tickets, it’s time to get creative with your content. You need to persuade people that this event is an absolute must for them.

Video content is one of the most effective ways to engage your audience, fun exciting but also short and snappy videos will make people watch, share and ultimately go to your event! If you don’t want to invest money in videographers, you can still create vibrant moving image on your own! There are plenty of sites that help you to create simple but effective videos, just remember to be creative, bright, simple and beautiful. Use keywords to highlight key parts of the video so your audience are still getting the information they need from your content and make sure to share on relevant channels depending on your audience base. If you’re holding a business event post it on LinkedIn, if its a social event for anyone to attend, use more informal channels like Face

Aside from videos, content is key. Engage your audience with Instagram, twitter and facebook, interest your audience and make them laugh! Use a hashtag across your social media channels, come up with a simple and catchy hashtag and use it on all of your social media posts. Upload snippets of information, hints, clues or ‘behind the scenes’ images to create excitement around your event.

Engage, Engage Engage. Once you’ve marketed your event online, create engagement with your event, use Snapchat Geofilters, hashtags and create photo opportunities to generate content from your guests. This will set you in good stead for other events you may hold.

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