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We want to give businesses the power and the knowledge to move online in this difficult time and hopefully restore a semblance of normality.

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The worlds of business and technology have been growing more and more entwined over recent decades, for example, you can now run a successful company without even having to open a physical shop. Marketing has sprawled from television and magazines to our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Although the speed of technology in business seemed rapid, it is nothing compared to the speed COVID-19 has demanded of us recently. We have needed to move everything online in order to function. Now using video conferencing tools is second nature not only to business people but also to friends and family staying in contact.

In times of crisis, people ask themselves what they can do to help. How can they use their skills to support others? Those that work in the digital industry can drastically help businesses escape the wreckage of isolation and provide a haven online where business can go on.


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What is Digital U?

Digital U is hosted and coordinated by Shoo Social Media, a Facebook advertising specialist in Ilkley. Co-founders of Shoo, Rachel Hatfield and Chris Morris enlist their finest digital counterparts to bring Digital U to life.  

Digital U is a digital conference that educates and allows people to get the most out of their business digitally. Specialists in fields such as; cybersecurity, graphic design and social media marketing come together to share their expertise and give you the knowledge you need to advance online. 

The event is aimed at a variety of businesses/audiences (including trades, charity, public sector, schools and government), business leaders, marketing directors, managers, those that are looking for a career change or currently not working (including undergraduates, graduates, sabbatical, job seeking or redundancy) and those involved in the digital elements of a business in the local area.

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12:00 pm

Deborah Ogden – Personal branding expert

2:00 pm

Amy Russell – Crescent VA

4:00 pm

Jag Panesar – Xpand



10:00 am

Sally Parker – Pick & Mix Marketing

12:00 pm

Debbie Whitaker – Not Just Numbers Ltd

2:00 pm

Nicki Eyre – Conduct Change


Louise Paddock – Paddock Privacy



10:00 am

Jess Valenghi – Pick & Mix Marketing

2:00 pm

Glyn Selway – RTC North

4:00 pm

Rachel Moore – Rachel Moore Social Media



10:00 am

Rachel Hatfield – Shoo Social Media

12:00 pm

Stuart Hyde QPM – ExCyb

2:00 pm

Mike Munt – apogii

4:00 pm

Chris Morris – Shoo Social Media

5:00 pm

Stewart Boutcher – Beacon

8:00 pm

Liz Blizzard – The Valley Clinic



10:00 am

Rich Ashby – Dotkumo

12:00 pm

Amer Latif – Omnizio


Mark Currie – Catapult Films

4:00 pm

Quiz – Networking

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The conference will run over the last week in June (22nd-26th)

22nd – 26th June

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22nd – 26th June




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