Why you need a content marketing strategy

Around 70% of businesses are investing in content marketing in 2020. This is because a content marketing strategy is the core of your company. 

Implementing a strategy is no easy task, however having a strategy is essential to ensure you are securing success for your business.  

So maybe you’re new to the game, or wanting to update your approach or business model.

Here we will give you the full rundown on what a marketing strategy is, and why your business needs one.


What is a content marketing strategy? 

A content marketing strategy is how you plan your business approach when thinking of achieving your long-term goals and aims.

Your strategy plan should convert these goals into tactics, products, or services that your business will need to provide.

Seth Godin, a former business executive and entrepreneur stresses to his clients the importance of a strategy plan. 

He states it “is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell”. 

Godin is absolutely right. It is important to make your company’s values and brand message the root of your strategy. Ensuring this is what will keep your company authentic and that much more attractive. 

Why does this make a content marketing strategy important?

Still not convinced you need a content marketing strategy for your business?

Well keep on reading.

Imagine a content marketing strategy to be an instruction manual. 

The content is always changing, but the structure in which you follow the manual stays the same everytime. 

A content strategy plan is exactly the same. It provides a blueprint in which you can change and adapt your tactics as the overall marketing department changes.

Following a content strategy plan will ensure you remain focused on your goals in order to achieve your marketing objectives.

Have you tried to remember a bunch of tasks off of the top of your head and failed miserably? 

Leave that to the strategy plan. 

The plan is there for that exact reason. It remembers your goals, plans and aims, so you don’t have to.

A content marketing strategy ultimately makes your life that much easier. It creates a sense of familiarity and stability within the ever changing marketing sphere. 

Overall, having a marketing strategy allows your business to delve into your company’s values and visions. 

In doing this, you can turn your company’s weaknesses into strengths, turning them into opportunities for profit, visibility and growth.


How do I create my own marketing strategy?

Let’s take a look at a service created from a marketing strategy, and why this service is so successful.

You have probably heard of own a Tesco’s clubcard. The free card where you swipe after a shop, collect points and can get amazing discounts?

That is all part of Tesco’s marketing strategy.

It is important to produce your strategy through the “marketing mix”: the 4p’s of marketing. 

1- product planning

2- pricing 

3- place 

4- promotion 

Think of these as  the golden nuggets of your marketing strategy and will make your strategy  a breeze to create.

1- Product planning

First of all you need to decide what your product will feature, and what about the products that engage and attract your audience. Focusing on Tesco, this feature is the easy swipe action of the card and the ability to exchange these points for rewards. 

2- Pricing

Pricing is pivotal. This expresses the value of the product to the customer. In regards to Tesco, the clubcard is free. However the value actually lies in the vouchers the customers can receive. Very clever if you ask me.

3- Place 

Most importantly, who are you going to source your product to? It is essential that you make sure you choose the right target market when choosing your audience. Demographics play an important role when choosing the right target market. Tesco aims their service at customers with middle-income with young children. 

However they make a club card in various forms such as a QR code, an app and a card. This emphasises the card’s inclusivity and attractiveness due to its wide accessibility.

4- Promotion

How will you engage your customer and articulate the benefits of the product you are selling? As previously mentioned, Tesco provides benefits for their customers through discounts and points exchanged for rewards. 

As a result of Tesco’s immense strategy plan, around 19 million people have a clubcard account. 

Now you are completely up to date on what a content marketing strategy is, and how it can boost your business.

It’s now time for you to adapt your business and let it become the best it can be.

We hope this breakdown has been helpful!

Let us know how your content marketing strategy has helped your business, and any other tips you might have!

By Ella Berry, Shoo Academy