Dukes Baliffs

Dukes Bailiffs

  • Client Name: Laura Naylor
  • Position: Marketing Manager
  • Company: Dukes Bailiffs
  • Year: 2016 – 2019
  • Website: https://dukeslimited.co.uk



Case Study – professional services; a UK wide debt collection company.

The back story

The client was looking to grow their business beyond 50 staff in 2016-17. To do this they were looking at ways to bring in new clients, such as councils and UK based, SME’s


The client was time poor as there was only one internal marketing manager trying to manage and deliver all campaigns relating to the business goal. They didn’t have resource to increase headcount or the expertise to generate leads and business opportunities from social media. To get leads previously they were relying on word of mouth marketing and conferences.

How our LinkedIn campaign helped…

Shoo Social Media created a bespoke campaign that involved locating and nurturing prospects as part of a wider sales funnel. A series of messages were created to encourage engagement with highly targeted prospects. Daily monitoring of the message centre and a key stakeholder account meant we could actively talk to prospects and generate genuine interest towards the client’s business. We were able to stay front of mind by providing daily created content for status updates. Thought leadership pieces were also created on a monthly basis and shared into relevant groups to further build ‘know, like and trust’ with our prospects. Weekly contact with the client meant they could follow up with leads and opportunities and allow us to refine and optimise our campaign with efficiency. Monthly analytics were provided to ensure or efforts were providing true ROI.

Results, return on investment and future plans

  • 152 highly qualified/targeted leads generation
  • £110k in business
  • The client’s business has been met and they have grown their team internally and increased annual profit.
  • They now have an internal social media team that has been trained to continue on from our work.

Marketing Manager, Dukes Bailiffs

Shoo Social Media LTD
137 Bolling Road
Ben Rhydding
Ilkley Leeds
LS29 8PN

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