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Over £400,000 profit generated in 8 months.

It was a long drive up to meet this prospect but the drive was worthwhile. Sitting down with the owners of a medium sized car dealership we quickly learned that these people were serious business owners, with big ambitions. They had been serial entrepreneurs for over 20 years.

After the pleasantries and talking about various classic 80’s films we talked about how social advertising had been used in the past and discovered that they had no visibility over the results and they felt like they were really wasting money; to the tune tens of thousands of pounds each month. 

What they really wanted to do was to have a clear path to return on their investment and keep increasing sales; to scale their business by helping people going through tough financial times to get the car they often need. The school runs, shopping and work. 

Ok, sales. Got you. How can we help though? Well, our presentation was built around three our unique approach to social media marketing by using the Shoo IntelliSocial system, which consists of three parts; creative social, technical social and data intelligence. 

Having secured the deal, we met as a team and created a strategy centred around generating finance applications through Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns.

The content used was key to set the client apart from their competitors, it told a story and engaged with the local community and went beyond just selling. We spent some time creating a brand through visual assets that allowed us to provide consistency, brand recognition and acting as a signal to Facebook that we are not just selling; our content is quality.

As we built each of the 3 parts to the lead generation funnel, we employed our technical skills to ensure the Facebook pixel, business manager and ad accounts were up and running before getting stuck in and running split testing campaigns for over 127 variables to be shown to cold warm and ready to buy audiences. Using data intelligence at every opportunity we were able to systematically test, test and test some more using our 5 branch strategy to ensure our ads were performing well over the 12 month campaign.

14 months on, the client/business owners have seen significant growth and now have the ability to expand their internal team to cope with the demand of enquiries and scale up their amount of advertising budget with us, while setting up another business. 

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