Car dealership and finance company

Car finance

Over £400,000 profit generated in 8 months.

A car dealership was struggling to increase the amount of sales year on year and they really wanted to drive (pun intended) growth in their business.

We met with the team and created a strategy centred around generating finance applications through Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns, creating custom content and branded graphics to support the campaign. Using data intelligence and Pixel power, we were able to build a pipeline that really worked. In month one, we carried out lots of split testing; looking at the best ad copy, headlines and visual elements. In months two and three we saw a sharp increase in applications as we utilised the data to full effect.

8 months on, they have seen significant growth and now have the ability to expand their internal team to cope with the demand of enquiries and scale up their amount of advertising budget with us.

Business owner, Car dealership and finance company, Newcastle upon Tyne

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