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We produce monthly blogs that focus on various topics such as, social media marketing, safeguarding and security. Our blogs also include our top tips, ideas of how best to develop your social media strategies and various industry related developments.
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TikTok vs. Instagram Reels

Over the past eighteen months, TikTok has exploded onto the social media scene. In this short period, it has cemented itself as the most popular social platform of the moment – particularly among a younger demographic. However, not to be outdone, Instagram recognised the rise of TikTok and swiftly released its own competitor within the Instagram app, known as Instagram Reels.

TikTok Advertising

How I ranked page 1 for Google and generate over £10,000 a month in passive income

In this article, I’m going to give you a high-level overview of how I got my products to rank on page one of Google in a highly competitive market.

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Critical media buying skills: auditing and tracking campaigns

I’m sure you have all heard the saying, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Well, it’s true. It doesn’t matter how good of a marketer or media buyer you are if you are not measuring your success. Auditing and tracking campaigns is an important skill for any marketer to master.

TikTok Advertising

Advertising on TikTok

You’ve heard the buzz about TikTok by now. It’s a video-sharing app that is hugely popular among GenZ, especially those in the 16 to 24 age group. If you want to advertise your brand or products on this platform and reach out to its huge audience.

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The complete guide to mobile-first videos

We are mobile-first, mobile-only creatures now. With the rise in popularity with apps like TikTok, YouTube, as well as Instagram recently announcing that it will prioritise videos for users, creating mobile-friendly videos, has never been so important. And with mobile-first videos, we can reach our audiences on the go and in a way that is more personal than ever before.

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How to optimise your Facebook ads for your online store: Increase sales

Learning about Facebook ads may present an opportunity for businesses to take advantage over the expansion of the digital world and gain an online presence but, this process isn’t a piece of cake.

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How do you control your social media usage outside work?

Social media is a double-edged sword. It can be the best way to connect with people, stay in touch with family and friends, or even make money. However, social media can also suck your time away like an addictive drug or a black hole. You may not be able to control how much time you spend on social media during work hours, but what about when you’re outside of work?

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How to keep your digital marketing knowledge up to date

Many business owners find themselves struggling to keep up with the ever-changing world of digital marketing. After all, there are so many new technological advances and changes in consumer behaviour happening every day. It’s hard to know what you can do about it, or how you should react. The good news is that there are some simple steps you can take to stay on top of your game without feeling overwhelmed or out-of-date.

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How has the shift to remote working impacted the environmental, social and governing aspects of the business world?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it an unprecedented human and economic crisis, affecting all corners of the world. This has led to a change in the roles and expectations of businesses as they are having to adapt to changes within their business structure and operate remotely.

Francesca Haigh

A first for University business recovery scheme, as Fran wins new role

Fran Haigh has been appointed by Shoo Social Media as Social Advertising Co-ordinator, becoming the first student to be recruited through Leeds Beckett University’s Business Recovery Programme.

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Social audio experiences are arriving to Facebook

Facebook has introduced a new form of storytelling, with the goal of creating audio stories using advanced AI technologies that make it possible to create in public spaces as well as from the home. 

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How to create and manage your marketing budgets

It can be difficult to get your marketing budget approved or increased. The most common challenge is convincing the marketing decision-makers that they need more budget when budgets are tight and current initiatives are not producing results. This blog post will provide you with some tips on solving this problem and increasing your marketing budget!

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The LinkedIn Insight Tag: everything you need to know!

LinkedIn helps businesses connect their brands with the world’s largest audience of influential professionals. With approximately 690 million members on LinkedIn, it’s the perfect opportunity to utilise and grow your brand with the help of the LinkedIn Insight Tag.

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How to perform better on social media: analytics

Social media advertising is important to take advantage of because it can help build their brand, increase awareness and expand the reach of their content.

What is the Facebook sales funnel?

Problems with your Facebook ad conversion reports? Heres how to fix them

We all tend to find ways to learn from our mistakes and when it comes to Facebook advertising, even a small mistake can have negative impacts. Here, I will be going through the mistakes people make on Facebook ads and how to fix them. 

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Why social media advertising is important

Social media advertising is important to take advantage of because it can help build their brand, increase awareness and expand the reach of their content.

What is the Facebook sales funnel?

My time at the Shoo Academy

I have now been a member of the Shoo Academy since October 2020, and it has been one of the most invaluable experiences I have had during my time at University.

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How users can prepare for the IOS/ Facebook changes

We want to prepare you ahead of the new IOS14 update, for upcoming changes on their Facebook ad account.  How can you prepare for these changes? Well, Listen carefully. Let’s go through how users can prepare their Facebook ad account for the IOS changes. 

What is the Facebook sales funnel?

Why B2B marketers should use Linkedin advertising

Whether you’re a freelancer looking to find new clients and opportunities, or an experienced manager in the market for a new job, LinkedIn offers the tools you need to connect with other people and businesses.

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9 common Facebook ads mistakes

We all make mistakes and most of them are quite common. This is also the case with Facebook advertising. Throughout this blog, we shall all go on an adventure into the unknown and highlight the common problems marketers make with Facebook ads and how they could possibly solve this.
What is the Facebook sales funnel?

What is happening between Apple and Facebook?

Recently,  a new battle has suddenly emerged between Facebook and Apple and this involves a new IOS14 update by Apple, making it harder for Facebook ads to target and track suitable customers.

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Why equine professionals should use digital marketing

The Equestrian Industry has long been viewed as a “traditional” or “old-fashioned” place but with a new generation of tech-savvy and optimistic Equine professionals on the rise, it’s about to be brought into the 21st century…
What is the Facebook sales funnel?

Everything you need to know about Clubhouse

You might have seen the name Clubhouse pop up a lot recently, the invite-only social media app, so exclusive that invites have been selling on eBay! But what is it and why is it being raved over so much?

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Facebook ad objectives explained

With so many objectives to choose from, navigating this stage of your ad strategy can seem overwhelming. This blog will break down the key points of all of the Facebook objectives, allowing you to choose the ones which will maximise the success of your ad campaigns.

What is the Facebook sales funnel?

The History of Shoo Social Media

Have you ever wondered where Shoo Social Media started? Or where the name Shoo came from? Then look no further. Today’s blog is all about the history of Shoo.

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Marketing your way out of the crisis

As national COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to be gradually lifted, many businesses are concerned with the impending financial scar the pandemic will leave on the economy.

What is the Facebook sales funnel?

The Marketing Funnel explained

As consumers pass through the cognitive stages (AIDAR), they simultaneously pass through the top, middle and bottom of the ‘funnel’’, paraphrased as the TOF, MOF and BOF. The funnel is a metaphor used in the marketing world to map the customer journey, from when they first learn of the brand to when they complete the desired action. The aim of the marketing strategy should be to maximise the number of people reaching the BOF, where conversion occurs.

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Weetabix X Heinz Baked Beans

On the 9th February 2021, Weetabix made an interesting tweet declaring ‘Why should bread have all the fun when there’s Weetabix? Serving up @HeinzUK Beanz on bix for breakfast with a twist.’ This tweet claiming that baked beans should go on Weetabix caused an uproar on the social media platform

What is the Facebook sales funnel?

The stages of the AIDAR model

Knowledge of the AIDAR model is fundamental to creating a successful ad strategy. It is the theory that should underlie the practical efforts of an ad campaign.

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How Apple's iOS 14 release may affect your ads

It has been announced that the Apple iOS 14 release might affect the way that your ads are seen and displayed. According to Apple, it will affect how you process and receive events from tools such as Facebook Pixel and the Facebook SDK. 

What is the Facebook sales funnel?

How Apple’s IOS 14 changes could affect your Ads

Apple is bringing out a new update later this year which will allow iPhone users to opt-out of app tracking. This is significant as this will impact the way Facebook receives and processes conversion events from tools such as Facebook Pixel. Businesses that optimise, target and report on web conversion events from any of Facebook’s business tools will be affected by this new update.

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How to create an effective video ad

We spend a hell of a lot of time on our mobile devices, and the amount of time we spend on them is increasing in a digital age. Following 2020, this is inevitably going to be set to rise even more in the coming years. Research into user interaction has shown that audiences engage with video content five times more than they do with static, particularly with advertising. In terms of social media advertising, video ads are taking over. 

What is the Facebook sales funnel?


You might have noticed that recently your Instagram posts haven’t been receiving the same engagement they usually do. Why is this you ask?

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Life after lockdown: The rise of virtual events post Covid-19 era

Virtual events are inarguably on the rise, and 2020 has seen the biggest growth in opportunities for the events industry yet.

What is the Facebook sales funnel?

Instagram V Facebook? Which will better your brand?

This year alone, there are over 2.3 billion daily active users across multiple social media platforms. When starting up a business most people make use of several social media platforms. But this begs the question: which platform best suits your brand?

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Top 5 most engaging content ideas for businesses on Instagram

With over one billion monthly users, Instagram is the ultimate platform for marketing. Instagram’s aesthetic layout opens up countless opportunities to help generate engaging content for businesses. Brands in fashion and food hold a more visual nature, therefore find it relatively easy to create impressive content. However, for others, it isn’t so simple.

What is the Facebook sales funnel?

Brand engagement and accessibility of data

The Shoo Academy in partnership with the University of Bradford. 

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Why you need a content marketing strategy

Around 70% of businesses are investing in content marketing in 2020. This is because a content marketing strategy is the core of your company. Implementing a strategy is no easy task, however having a strategy is essential to ensure you are securing success for your business.  So maybe you’re new to the game, or wanting to update your approach or business model. Here we will give you the full rundown on what a marketing strategy is, and why your business needs one.

What is the Facebook sales funnel?

What is a Facebook sales funnel

As consumers pass through the cognitive stages discussed in the previous post (AIDAR), they simultaneously pass through the top, middle and bottom of the ‘’funnel’’, paraphrased as the TOF, MOF and BOF. The funnel is a metaphor used in the marketing world to map the customer journey, from when they first learn of the brand to when they complete the desired action such as making a purchase. The aim of the marketing strategy should be to maximise the number of people reaching the BOF, where conversion occurs. 

Working from home

How to write for the Facebook ads sales funnel

Knowledge of the AIDAR model is fundamental to creating a successful ad strategy. It is the theory which should underlie the practical efforts of an ad campaign. While the posts following this will show how the AIDAR model can be translated into a practical Facebook advertising strategy, this post will explain each of the stages which make up the model.

Instagram Mental Health

To stalk or not to stalk?

Is it okay for future employers to stalk potential candidates’ Instagram profile?

It is no secret that if you go to an interview and you thought it went brilliant, but shockingly you heard nothing back from the company, the chances are that the employer may have checked your social media and found something controversial, which can lead to serious repercussions within your employment opportunities.

Working from home

Working from home: How to keep happy

Over the past ten years remote workers have increased by around 250,000, particularly through 2020 after the spread of the CoronaVirus. 

From April 2020, around 49.2% of adults in employment have transitioned their workspace to their home. As technology has become portable over the past decade, working remotely has been made significantly easier. This means if you own only a phone with 3G, you’re in luck, you have an office.

Instagram Mental Health

How to advertise your business on Instagram

Regularly uploading content to your story when building your brand on Instagram can be a perfect solution to any plateaus you may have experienced. Stories are a fun and straightforward strategy which can boost your engagement and provide useful insights that will help your business blossom. If you are a new Instagram user or just looking to branch out and try new marketing strategies, these tips will help you learn how best to fully utilise Instagram stories.

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To love or loathe the likes

Instagram officially launched as an iPhone app back in 2010, and from that point on Instagram has changed the world. In 2010, it was primarily used to share photos between friends and family, upload pictures of your favourite Starbucks drink, or a screenshot of your favourite song lyrics. However, this innocent epoch has been transformed into one of the most influential and efficient business platforms that it is today. With over 25 million business and influencer accounts worldwide, Instagram is now a platform for the pursuit of perfection. Where ‘likes’ are considered a social currency, used to measure the validity and value of one’s’ post, brand, or self worth.

Instagram Mental Health


How social media can impact young adults mental health: Mental Health Awareness week.

The dawn of the cyberage is no secret to anyone, particularly amongst generations such as millennials and Gen Z who use various social media platforms daily. In 2020 3.8 million people use social media which is more than half the world’s population.

Caravan and holiday parks in England have perhaps seen one of the biggest transformations in the last ten years in the wake of the digital age of enlightenment. Like any other period in time, new technologies lead to new opportunities, and this is no exception. 

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Why you should move your business to Instagram.

It is no doubt that Instagram has created a revolutionary platform for businesses. Not only has this app enabled businesses to gain an increasing amount of sales due to the 26.9 million Instagram users alone, but the innumerable features offer business users a contemporary and advanced dynamic. However, if Facebook has over 2.7 billion users in 2020, what makes Instagram the most preferred platform when looking to generate more business?

The new age of staycations

Caravan and holiday parks in England have perhaps seen one of the biggest transformations in the last ten years in the wake of the digital age of enlightenment. Like any other period in time, new technologies lead to new opportunities, and this is no exception. 

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Facebook Ads Manager: The definitive guide

If you want to get people to see the products, solutions or services your company offers, you really cannot afford to avoid social media; it is where engaged people tend to hang out when they are online, and these platforms provide the ideal opportunity to get in front of millions of people quickly and easily. Facebook and Instagram advertising can both be incredibly beneficial to your business, but today we’re going to focus solely on Facebook.

How to advertise on Facebook?

Facebook advertising can be the perfect solution for any UK business looking for targeted ads that really do work. If you’re scheduling your media buying calendar for the coming months, these top tips provide the basics to get you started with Facebook ad placements and campaigns:

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What is Facebook Business Manager, and why should I use it?

Facebook Business Manager is a free tool developed by Facebook designed to help businesses to manage their Facebook pages without having to tie them to a specific personal Facebook account.

Do you prefer tea or coffee? Did that grab your attention, and draw you in to find out what I’m going to write about?

That is also how advertising on Facebook and Instagram often works. This blog post will give you a little insight into different ways you can advertise your profile on Facebook and Instagram.

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Working from home through a designers eyes

Cienna shares her thoughts about working from home and working on Digital U 2020.

The positives of working from home by Matilda

At the moment it is easy to find negativity, all we need to do is switch on the television for all of 5 minutes or even just think about how we haven’t been able to go to the supermarket without engaging in a high stakes game of socially distanced human Tetris.

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Use social media ad campaigns to kick the COVID-19 blues

Many retail business owners are currently facing up to a new commercial landscape in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Things might not be the same again, but currently, we are busy adjusting to the short term.

Working from home by Mollie #TeamShoo

Like most of the country, Shoo closed the office on Monday 23rd March and suddenly we were all thrown into the world of working from home. Now I’m into week three of #WFH here is why I’ve found working for a digital company the absolute best.

Ilkley Business Awards 2020 by Mollie

I first met Rachel and Chris whilst I was volunteering for their charity fashion show ‘Fashion Fiesta’ in 2016 and 2017. At the time I was starting my degree in makeup and was focusing on working freelance so managing to keep the yearly space at Fashion Fiesta was a massive plus as it gave me the best opportunity to network and meet other people in the industry.

Instagram is an impressive, idealistic and imperative force for any doubtful generation X business owners.

Here are 4 incredible features Instagram offers that will surely boost your business to the echelons of success!

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for your Business

Social media is a great tool that can be used for several different purposes. One reason why social media is so great is the positivity it can have with increasing your brand’s success. YOU can use social media to benefit you and your business, and the great thing about advertising on social media Is that it can be FREE!

COVID-19 is growing. And so is technology.

We are living in an unprecedented time. A time of uncertainty, and of crisis for the whole world. However, it is important to take a moment to be grateful.

How to make your LinkedIn profile more professional

We often don’t think about LinkedIn as a platform to market ourselves. It’s a tool we can use to brand ourselves for future employees or partners.

How do you convince the non digital native generation of the merits of social media marketing?

It can be argued that Generation X is rather reluctant to embrace social media platforms. Privacy is by far the biggest concern when it comes to Generation X and their perception of social media.

5 ways you can stay safe online:

The online world can sometimes be a daunting place for first time users. The internet, specifically social media, can be an enjoyable place that can give you and your business an effortless way to promote work. Here are some tips that we employ at Shoo, which can help you with keeping your personal life and your business safe online.

How to be more efficient - work place and working from home

Sometimes today’s society it may feel like it is more difficult than ever to stay efficient. Given the current pandemic, people are having to work from home feeling uninspired and unmotivated. 

Memoirs of a global recession

As we are currently going through a period of economic uncertainty/fear/rumination with the current pandemic, with some businesses right now having contracts cancelled or delayed. 

5 of the best ways to stay connected with your colleagues outside of the office

You might be wondering how to keep your colleagues connected during these troublesome times.

Meet the team!

These are three of our lovely social media interns at Shoo Social Media. Click on the image to read their experience at Shoo so far! #Blog #WorkExperience #Internship

Top 5 Features of Facebook Workplace

We all use Facebook. Whether it be on our phones, laptops or desktop computers we are constantly surrounded by it.

Here's why Facebook advertising is a crucial B2B marketing strategy

Facebook advertising is traditionally thought of as the domain of B2C marketers. Using seemingly organic social media content, they can nestle their message into users’ feeds offering discounts, promotions and retargeted messages.

Five reasons why you should use Instagram to promote your business

Why use Instagram? Instagram could be considered the best platform for engaging both new and existing followers. With over one billion users, Instagram is a must have for you and your business, here’s why…

2020. The Year To Successfully Smash Your Goals.

2020 is here and it’s a brand new year for goals and success, especially within the social media marketing industry. With platforms rapidly changing, it’s important to keep up-to-date with modern trends and new online releases.

10 Steps to Creating an Awesome Social Media Strategy in 2020.

It’s so important for businesses to have a social media strategy, whether that’s refreshing a past one, or creating a new one – it’s good to be organized and understand how social media works for your business.

A brief guide to Instagram advertising

With over one billion people using Instagram every month, the social media site has become fertile ground for companies to advertise their wares. If you’re interested in using Instagram advertising to promote your brand but are unsure where to start, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you navigate the site:

Fashion Fiesta is back for 2019

Yorkshire’s top fashion fundraising event, Fashion Fiesta 2019 is returning to the catwalk. Fashion Fiesta was founded in 2015 by the director at Shoo Social Media, Rachel Hatfield. In 2015, the show took place in Bradford, acting as a fundraiser for Action in the Community. That first show featured 6 designers, 15 models and 6 make up artists. The reach of the project has since grown, increasing the amount of money raised and the number of aspiring designers assisted.

Equestrian and digital marketing: A stable relationship

The equine industry has long been lucrative, but perhaps, an underrepresented one. In the eyes of the nation, a horse is a symbol of majesty and beauty. For some, childhood riding lessons provide family time and enjoyable pastime, for others, horse racing provides an outlet for those inclined to gamble. But what after this?

Work experience with Shoo Social Media - Nazia Hussain

I’ve recently graduated from Leeds Beckett University, with a degree in BA Fine (Hons) Art. I managed to become an intern at Shoo by attending one of the spotlight on events (Digital Marketing) where there was a panel made up of 3 business owners, and employees who worked in the digital marketing.

How do you get sales leads from Facebook?

Setting up a business can be a laborious task – and it’s naturally incredibly frustrating when your hard work doesn’t allow for the results you were expecting.

Companies owned by Facebook Inc.

Facebook Inc. the social networking website was started by Mark Zuckerburg in 2004 and since then has evolved into a distinguished social media platform.

Top SMB online marketing challenges in 2019

Digital marketing trends for small business run the gamut. From time-saving AI to list-building WiFi, marketing industry headlines shine their spotlights on the shiny and new.

Ask an expert: can B2B marketers succeed with Facebook video?

Can B2B marketers use Facebook video? 

As one of the largest social media platforms on the planet, Facebook is an attractive option for marketers looking to connect with customers, with video as one of the most effective mediums. 

The Navvies who built the Bramhope tunnel

Catapult Films is a company which creates engaging films for every communication channel, including websites, YouTube and Social Media, presentations, training courses, cinema and TV. They produce a variety of different films such as, case studies, testimonials and product demonstrations and prime time advertisements.

One of the sponsors of Digital U was Beacon; providers of digital campaign intelligence for smart marketers.

Beacon enables digital marketers to quickly learn which digital channels and content drive visitors to their website, using that actionable information to improve website engagement and subsequent campaigns, and to then massively transform campaign effectiveness to maximise marketing spend and improve business outcomes. 

Facebook Pixel: The Holy Grail in Retargeting Campaigns on Facebook.

Retargeting, also known as Remarketing, is the most powerful online branding and conversion optimisation tool for online Advertising; grounded on a cookie-based technology that can help your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website, Retargeting is the key for your success in terms of target audience management and returns on investments.

Communications strategy isn’t voodoo

If sticking pins into crude effigies of your competitors were an effective business approach, everyone would be doing it. Bookshelves would be overflowing with titles such as “The Voodoo Method” or “Juju to Success”. It isn’t and they aren’t – for good reason. It doesn’t work. In contrast, the benefits of a strategic approach to business are widely recognised. This is why, for example, the vast majority of enterprises begin life as a business plan.


Why should I use the Facebook Pixel?

Do you use Facebook ads? If the answer is yes, one of the tools you should definitely be using to help you get the very best from your campaign is Facebook Pixel. Once properly set up, this element can even help you save some money on your ad budget.

Understanding the Importance of Marketing your Company Online: How Can We Help?

Social networks are one of the fastest growing industries in the world. By the end of 2019, it’s estimated that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users worldwide. That’s a staggering increase of 310 million people from the 2.46 billion users in 2017.

Five useful apps in your day to day life

The Headspace app is all about health and wellbeing. It focuses on meditation for adults, kids, work, sleep, focus, stress, and anxiety. The app claims to ‘teach you the life-changing skills of meditation and mindfulness in just a few minutes a day’, this means that you can meditate in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you feel like meditating!

Social Media Marketing: Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content is content that lasts for 24 hours or less. Instagram, Facebook and Instagram have all adopted ‘stories’ since Snapchats boom over the last few years. Taking inspiration from the Snapchat trend, stories are often 30-second long video/image content that disappears 24 hours later. It may seem pointless to create content that will soon be gone forever, but studies have shown that ephemeral content produces the most engagement. 

Five top tips for using Twitter

Welcome to Shoo Social Media. Have you ever wanted to use Twitter, but not know what to actually do on the Social Media platform? Well. today is your lucky day. These five top tips on Twitter will ensure that your Twitter game is on point!

Five top tips for using Instagram

Welcome to Shoo Social Media! Have you ever wanted to use Instagram, but just ended up confused as soon as you load the platform up on your mobile device? Well, keep on reading, because we have five top tips to cure your Instagram anxieties

Five top tips for using Facebook

Do you know how to use Facebook, but would love to make sure that your Facebook game is at the best level that it can be? Them keep on reading, as, today’s post is all about, Shoo Social Media’s ‘Five Top Tips On Using Facebook.

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Shoo Social Media. I hope that you are having a great day.

Today, Shoo Social Media, are introducing a new team of savvy social media experts that will be creating blog posts for the next 4 weeks.

Why should your business use Facebook advertising?

Social media is one of the most important advertising tools that a business can use. More than 80% of internet users use Facebook, and this doesn’t taper off as audiences get older, as 65% of internet users over 65 have and use a Facebook account.

Social engineering through social media

You may already be aware of the more sophisticated schemes cybercriminals use to access your private data such as hacking. But there is an even more sinister approach that does not get the coverage it deserves, given its potency. Social engineering involves the use of psychological manipulation techniques to obtain personal information from individuals and perpetuate scams.

Social Media: the Holy Grail of Events Marketing

Want the 411 on ‘what the hell is social media marketing?’ Check out our blog below with the ‘how to’ market your events online!

The 411 Social Media Marketing

Facebook’s benefits for business are twofold: on a basic level, it can help you create a recognisable profile for your business.

Cambridge Analytica – Facebook issued record fine

The Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) has announced that Facebook is to be fined £500,000 for its part in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Generation Z Social Media Usage

Randstad Canada describes Generation Z as those born between 1995–2014. Others define Generation Z as those born between 1995–2009.

Court condemns Facebook’s use of personal data

After a lengthy battle with the Federation of German Consumer Organisations (“FGCO”) regarding Facebook’s data protection policies, the Berlin Regional Court (“BRC”) has found that Facebook’s use of its users’ data was illegal.

Will Facebook Live Blow Periscope Away?

Periscope was founded in 2014 under the name Bounty, and has been described by co-founder Kayvon Beykpour as an ‘Exploration in human anthropology’.

Are my children safe? 4 things to consider when using Snapchat’s Snapmaps?

Snapchat is a veritable infant in the social media family. It first made it’s way onto our mobile phones in September 2011, and has grown rapidly ever since.

How will the 2018 Facebook algorithm changes impact advertising my business?

On the 11th of January, Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement that Facebook’s news feed is due to undergo a significant change. To keep users from passively consuming content, the world’s biggest social media platform is moving away from its current time-thief format and closer to a platform that will let users have “more meaningful social interactions”.

Eat, drink, tweet, sleep, repeat: social media for restaurants and hotels

Here at Shoo, we love nothing more than working with businesses to create an effective social media strategy that is beneficial to their offering. 

It's not what you know, it's who you know: 5 reasons why your employees need to be on LinkedIn

We don’t need to tell you that it pays to be connected but have you educated your employees in the importance of getting their face (and your business) in front of people?

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