Benefits of Social Media Marketing for your Business

Social media is a great tool that can be used for several different purposes. One reason why social media is so great is the positivity it can have with increasing your brand’s success. YOU can use social media to benefit you and your business, and the great thing about advertising on social media Is that it can be FREE!

Here at Shoo we’ve compiled some of the most popular benefits of social media marketing.

Increase your brand awareness
Using social media as one of your strategies to market your brand will reach a broader range of consumers, which will in turn increase your brand recognition. To increase your brand awareness online, all you need to do is make your own social media profile and start interacting with other users. If you can, try encouraging friends, employees and business partners to like, comment or share your posts which will increase your audience reach.


Cost effective
Social media is one of the most cost-efficient marketing strategies that a business can have. Creating your own social media profile is free on all major social media platforms. Posting videos, images and stories are also free and can reach many consumers. There is also the option to invest in paid promotions, which lets you reach an even larger amount of people as the platform targets consumers who the algorithm thinks will benefit from your product. That said, the cost for paid advertisements is still significantly lower compared to other advertising tactics.


Stay connected to customers
Social media platforms allow you to directly access existing customers or even potential customers without relying on other channels. You can connect to customers about your new services, products or any news that you want to share. Staying connected with your customers helps you strengthen customer loyalty. Frequent engagement with customers through one to one conversation can improve your services.


We previously mentioned that investing in paid advertisement allows your advert to target consumers that will benefit from your business. With these services, that are not possible with traditional media forms, you can save money by advertising on social media as it will target consumers who are of the sex, age or economic situation that best suits your target consumer. This means the possibility of a successful advert is higher, as you can be assured that it will target the right consumer, meaning the potential sale will be more likely.


Check your advertisement progress
Using traditional media forms as a marketing strategy limits you in many ways. One of these ways is the lack of tracking the progress of the campaign. Social media platforms allow you to track the progress of the app, such as how many shares, likes, views and how many people it has reached. You can also use different websites to check the traffic flow to your website or Social media platform. This can give you a big indicator as to how successful your campaign is, giving you a good insight into whether investing into social media marketing was a good move. It can also give you feedback to improve for your next campaign.

Have any of these tips interested you to develop a social media marketing strategy? Contact Shoo today, and we can help you build your social media campaign.