Ben Rhydding Golf Club

Ben Rhydding Golf Club – a hole in one

Company: Ben Rhydding Golf Club


Project duration: June 2021 – October 2021

Shoo Social Media put Ben Rhydding Golf Club on course for growth, with a successful three-month social media marketing campaign.

The local club gets ongoing support from our team as part of our commitment to give back to the community. Shoo devotes 20% of its time to helping charities and community projects.

The golf club reached out when it wanted to raise its profile and increase visitor numbers and membership. They particularly wanted to attract more women and young people who, they felt, were not very well represented at the club.

We helped them to achieve their aims through a programme of Facebook and Instagram ads targeted at males and females aged from 13 to 65+.

The support also included photographic content to showcase the golf course itself and the stunning views from the club.

The golf club soon noted an increase in visitors, especially an influx of women golfers. There were 435 new bookings, with many of the visitors feeding back that they were unaware there was a golf course in Ben Rhydding until they saw the ads. 

Data analysis showed that the ads reached an audience of 29,810, driving 1,826 website landing page views.

Google Analytics revealed there were 6,590 website visitors between January and August 2021, compared with 5,234 for the whole of 2020. 

The campaign resulted in a huge leap in 2021 visitor green fees reaching £7,936 by the end of the summer advertising campaign. This compared to fees of £3,457 in 2020, when the club was hit by Covid restrictions, and previous, more typical, figures of  £4,447 in 2019, £4,596 in 2018 and £4,143 in 2017.

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