One of the sponsors of Digital U was Beacon; providers of digital campaign intelligence for smart marketers.

Learn, improve, transform

Beacon enables digital marketers to quickly learn which digital channels and content drive visitors to their website, using that actionable information to improve website engagement and subsequent campaigns, and to then massively transform campaign effectiveness to maximise marketing spend and improve business outcomes.

Beacon is a tool that helps businesses to manage and Measure digital campaigns across all digital channels to drive traffic to their websites, to reveal: where the visitors came from – which channels, content and links are the visitors humans or bots – they need a pulse to do business where visitors go and what they do along the way detailed analysis of visitor actions on individual web pages the results of the visitor journeys – were your campaign goals and targets met?

Furthermore, Beacon is a great tool to fill the empty information gap between simple channel statistics and complex web analytics. Beacon can help businesses measure the true engagement of their website visitors in order to understand visitor behaviour, the context of their visit and the factors that result in them converting to become a customer.
The key ways in which Beacon measures engagement:

Visitor journey tracking – Beacon reports the full visitor journey, attributing where they came from and which pages they view.

Multi-touch attribution – Beacon tells you if a website visitor is new or has visited before, giving you insight into your marketing performance.

Visitor engagement score – Beacon analyses all visitor journey metrics and ranks them by their level of engagement.

Therefore, Beacon is a practical, easy-to-use SaaS marketing measurement platform that allows businesses to take control of their digital marketing campaigns – to learn, improve and transform the effectiveness of digital marketing.

We would definitely recommend using Beacon to create better marketing campaigns, gain actionable information that non-technical users can act upon quickly with practical business value rather than drowning in a sea of data and distraction.

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