How to create an effective video ad

We spend a hell of a lot of time on our mobile devices, and the amount of time we spend on them is increasing in a digital age. Following 2020, this is inevitably going to be set to rise even more in the coming years. 

Research into user interaction has shown that audiences engage with video content five times more than they do with static, particularly with advertising. In terms of social media advertising, video ads are taking over. 

The Facebook Business team have broken down how to create an impactful, attention-grabbing video ads for a ‘mobile-first’ audience into four key steps. 


Firstly Keep it short! 

If your full ad exceeds fifteen seconds then you’re likely to lose that audience’s attention. It’s about quality. Not quantity. 

Remember to Shoot the ad in vertical or square video format 

We hold our phones vertically 94% of the time, so making sure your ad is visually and formatically appealing to audiences will drastically increase chances of audiences viewing your ad. If audiences have to click to full screen your ad and or tilt their screen and feel locked into viewing, chances are, they won’t. Research recommends 4:5 vertical video ads (VVA) for posts on Facebook and Instagram and 16:9 VVA for stories on these applications.

Always Capture Attention Quickly 

Audiences’ attention must be captured within the first three seconds of a video advertisement to get their attention. Make sure the most ‘compelling’ part of your ad is at the beginning of your ad to immediately engage your audience. 


Design for MOBILE-FIRST. 

Mobile is where your audience is. Make sure your ads are reaching the bulk of your target with short and effective vertical, video advertising. 


Facebook Business has created a ‘video creation kit’ with five easy steps to creating your video in minutes. The five steps are; 

  • Create your campaign: Here, you will choose your audience, objective, placements and optimisation.


  • Choose Ad Type: Now, choose whether you would like to use a single image or video ad format.


  • Upload your video:  Click ‘create video’ to use the video creation kit.


  • Edit your video: Crop, cut and trim your video to achieve your short and snappy video ad. Add your text, captions, overlays and or logos then create and customise a thumbnail if required. 


  • Publish! 


You’re good to go!


We look forward to seeing your video ads out there, get creating!

By Kate McNaughton, Shoo Academy